Innovation and service, since 1950

The world around us changes continuously, and we have always evolved to change the way hearing care is perceived. Our history is articulated in key events, just as the life story of each one of us.


From '50 to '90

  • From foundation to leadership in Italy
    Amplifon was first established in Milan in 1950 by Algernon Charles Holland to provide hearing care for people who had suffered injuries during the war. In just a few years, we became the reference company in Italy.

  • Studies and research
    The Centre for Research and Studies (CRS) was set up in 1971 to promote and support clinical research, and also to spread innovations and advances in audiology and otology.

  • Innovation
    In the early '90s, we innovated and personalized service by being the first to introduce the revolutionary digital hearing aids in Italy.

  • Internationalization and awareness
    At the beginning of the 90s, we started to expand into Europe and, through the acquisition of the local leader Miracle-Ear in 1999, we entered the North American market, strengthening our international leadership. With this acquisition, Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation joined our group, offering hearing aids free of charge to children from lower-income families in the United States.

The early 2000

  • A truly global company
    In addition to strengthening our presence in core markets such as the USA, the Netherlands and France, we also entered Canada, Hungary, Egypt, United Kingdom and Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • IPO
    On June 27th, 2001, we were listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and, in 2008, we became part of the STAR segment, for stocks committed to complying with stricter requirements. Then, in 2018, we entered the FTSE-MIB Index, which includes the 40 most important stocks in Italy, and we entered Stoxx Europe 600 the following year, 2019, comprising the main European stocks.

From 2010 to 2017

  • A new international dimension
    In 2010, with the acquisition of National Hearing Care (NHC), we extended our operations to Australia, New Zealand, and India. Between 2012 and 2014 we also entered Turkey and Israel.

  • Even more socially engaged
    In 2013, the Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation became Miracle-Ear Foundation, which allowed us to offer hearing care not only to children, but to anyone needing it.

  • A winning strategy
    We continued to grow and our revenues exceeded the billion euro threshold in 2015 thanks to a solid strategy, careful planning, and strong execution.

From 2018 to today

  • Digital transformation and strong expansion
    In 2018 we initiated a program of strong technological innovation aimed at customer experience: we launched in Italy the Amplifon Product Experience, made of the Amplifon product line and our multichannel ecosystem. We also consolidated our world leadership with the acquisition of GAES, the largest private specialty retailer in the hearing care sector in the world, and entered the Chinese market through a joint venture.
  • Sustainable awareness
    We started informing our stakeholders of our commitment to creating shared value. For the first time, we conducted a thorough analysis of our activities in order to identify our priorities and areas of intervention, which were formalized in the Group's sustainability policy in 2018.
  • Impeccable execution and responsible listening
    Throughout 2019, we continued implementing our strategic initiatives with the roll-out of the Amplifon Product Experience in 6 countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Italy. Additionally, the GAES integration process continued in the wake of excellent results during the first nine months of the year, contributing positively to double-digit revenue growth.
  • Ascolto responsabile
    We took the "Ci sentiamo dopo" project to the great Italian music festival "Firenze Rocks" and to 800 schools in Italy to bring awareness to young people and music lovers about responsible listening and the strong link between music and hearing well-being.

2018: a truly outstanding year

The acquisition of GAES

In December 2018, we made our greatest ever acquisition: GAES, the largest privately-owned specialty hearing care retailer worldwide and undisputed leader in the Spanish market. Thanks to its widely recognizable brand, and to the extensive distribution network totaling around 600 points of sale dotted across Spain, Portugal and Latin America, GAES integrates perfectly with our strategy.

Entry into China

2018 also saw our entry into the Chinese market through a joint venture with a primary local partner. The hearing care market in China is a major opportunity for our medium-long term growth. Its vast size, current low penetration and highly fragmented structure contribute to estimating strong growth in the future

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