Business ethics

Honesty, integrity and fairness

In Amplifon we firmly believe in transparency and ethical conduct and, bearing in mind the pivotal role the Company plays in the hearing care sector, we are committed to the principles and standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness which characterize our business ethics.

We promote an ethical corporate culture based on honesty, integrity, fairness, and good faith while complying with laws in force in each country or context in which we operate.

Our Group Code of Ethics formalizes the values, principles and rules of conduct that are the basis of our day-to-day activities. 

Through our Code, we have established reference principles on the main relevant topics for the Group such as business conduct, human resources, sustainability and relations with external stakeholders.

We prohibit corruption practices of any kind and we strongly condemn any type of behavior that may have discriminatory content.

We strive to ensure that the principles of the Code are shared by our employees and contractors, as well as by agents, consultants, suppliers, and any other person with whom we do business. Our principles apply to all of our subsidiaries and affiliate stores, as well as to any commercial partners in each country the Group operates.

Through our Code of Ethics, we promote business management guided by the highest ethical principles, integrity standards, and values.

Our code of ethics

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Starting from day one,
We are committed to spreading awareness of the Code of Ethics among our people

The Code of Ethics constitutes the fundamental basis of our Organizational and Management Model, adopted in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Our Anticorruption Policy

Amplifon has zero-tolerance for corruption.

Our Group Anticorruption Policy contains provisions and guidelines inspired by the culture and principles set out in our Code of Ethics, promotes the highest standards in all business dealings and provides specific rules to prevent, detect and manage corruption risks.

Through our Policy, we reject any kind of corrupt conduct.

The recipients of the Policy are the Group's directors, managers, and employees, as well as our suppliers and consultants and anyone acting on our behalf.

Our Policy is aligned with the most recent best practices and it is part of a journey along the road to continuous improvement and strengthening of the internal control system that the Group promotes as part of responsible business management.

The Policy applies to all directors, managers, and employees. Its principles and rules of conduct also apply to agents, consultants, suppliers, and any other person who represents or carries out activities on behalf of the Group.

Anticorruption policy

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Amplifon is committed to carrying out its business in a fair, loyal and ethical manner, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, wherever the Group operates.

The activity of reporting irregularities is of paramount importance for Amplifon to strengthen control over the effective application and observance of the Code of Ethics, as well as the provisions and principles of the Group Policies and Procedures.

To this end a system for managing reports of violations within Amplifon Group has been developed. This system – consisting of all the functions, the human, technological and digital resources, the Group policies/procedures/processes dedicated to the management of reports – is inspired by the principles of trust, impartiality and protection of the Whistleblower.

Part of the whistleblowing system is the Whistleblowing Policy which contains a description of the channels for the transmission of reports, the reporting process and its management, the departments involved in this process and the related responsibilities, as well as an indication of the rights and obligations of the Whistleblower, in line with applicable regulation. The Policy aims to build a system that facilitates whistleblowing, protects the confidentiality of reports and protects the identity of Whistleblower and of all the people concerned by the reports, reducing the risks of wrongdoing within the Group.

Our whistleblowing system is consistent with the international best practice, is constantly updated in line with the local regulations and is part of a process of continuous improvement and strengthening of the control system of the Group. 

Whistleblowing notice

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