Corporate information

Procedure for inside information

We have a procedure for the internal management and disclosure of corporate documents and information, with particular reference to inside information.

The procedure was updated by the Board of Directors in July 2018, aligning it to the current regulations and in particular to the indications contained in the “Inside Information Management” guidelines published by CONSOB in October 2017.

The procedure aims to regulate the internal management and the public disclosure of documents and information concerning Amplifon and/or its subsidiaries, in particular the information deemed relevant according to the (EU) 596/2014 (“MAR”) Regulation, which, if made public, could have a significant impact on the prices of financial instruments issued by the company


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To whom the procedure is applied

The procedure applies to:

  • members of the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors
  • senior management who have regular access to Inside Information relating directly or indirectly to the company, and have the power to make management decisions that could impact on the company's development and future prospects
  • to all those who, through their work or professional activity or the roles they perform, have access to Inside Information.

Insider list

The procedure for the management of corporate information is linked to the setting-up and keeping of the “Register of persons who have access to inside information”, also called Insider list.

In compliance with Art. 115-bis TUF and Art. 18 MAR, we have in fact set up the register of persons who, through the activities and roles they perform for Amplifon or its subsidiaries, have, or can have, access, on a permanent or casual basis, to inside information.

The procedure is also linked to the Code of Conduct on Internal Dealing.

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