Our purpose unites us

Our purpose is the reason why we exist and do what we do. It is what motivates us and guides us every day, keeping us on the constant look out for innovations and opportunities to improve our company and the service we offer.

From Canada to Australia, we all have the same objective: empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound.

Belinda, hearing care specialist, Germania

Sounds are emotions

Research into the best solution is essential to fulfil our purpose: making it possible to rediscover the emotions of sounds.

make more possible

Our values guide our actions

Our values are the principles that guide how we act. They unite us and make us unique every day in our work.


 "We listen to what people have to say and answer their questions so we can understand them even better."

"We always ask customers or colleagues if we can do something more to help." 


"We are proactive, we speak clearly and express our point of view."

"We focus on results and on helping others reach their objectives."


"We assume the responsibility of improving and learning something new every day."

"We pay attention to detail and keep our word, finding the perfect balance between the time and resources available."


"We stay up to date by following the trends and innovations of the sector."

"We embrace change and lead by example to inspire others."


"We abide by the rules and don't look for shortcuts."

"We keep our word and do what was promised to demonstrate how committed we are."


can you identify with these values?

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