Our strategy

Setting the rhythm in a changing world

The three ambitious pillars of our strategy include: offering a unique and unmatchable customer proposition using a data-driven approach, consolidating our leadership in core markets, as well as investing in talent and in sharing best practices within the company.

A simple and focused strategy

The pillars of our strategy

Customer proposition



Customer proposition

Customer proposition

Unique and unmatchable

After having launched the  Amplifon Product Experience - the combination of the Amplifon product line and our multichannel ecosystem, with the Amplifon App being the very first touchpoint - in 12 countries, we aim at offering a unique and unmatchable customer proposition by activating a full ecosystem around the customer, in which the pervasiveness of our brands, the unmatchable set of data we possess, and digital technologies play a key role.



In core markets

Operating in a fragmented and ever-growing market is a great opportunity that we continue to seize through a targeted growth strategy.

One of our objectives is to consolidate our leadership position in mature markets such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada, and Australia (together they represent 80% of the global retail market) and in developing markets such as China.




Effective and talented

To foster an effective execution of our strategy and to be even more competitive every day, we continue to invest in our organization and in talent, leveraging our distinctive corporate culture.

Sustainablity, part and parcel of our strategy

We look forward and concretely implement the areas of commitment of our Sustainability Policy through the definition of our Sustainability Plan, with future targets consistent with our business strategy and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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