Governance system

Our governance

Our corporate governance system is in line with national and international best practice and complies with the principles of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, which we have always adhered to.

Our governance model

We have a traditional administration system, organized into: 

  1. Shareholders' Meeting, the decision-making body that expresses the will of the shareholders and meets in ordinary session once a year. 

  2. Board of Directors, consisting of three to eleven members in accordance with the resolution of the shareholders, and which holds all powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration and management of the company. The Board of Directors, currently consisting of nine members, has established two internal  committees with consultative and proposing function: the Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee and the Remuneration and Appointments Committee, as well as the Independent Related-Party Transaction Committee

  3. Board of Statutory Auditors, supervisory and control body, consisting of three statutory auditors and two alternate auditors. 

  4. Supervisory Body, which monitors the correct functioning of the company's Organizational Model, its efficacy and compliance, and keeps it up-to-date.

Our corporate governance system complies with the principles set by the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies supported by the Corporate Governance Committee, which we have complied with since its first version of 2001, timely adhering to subsequent amendments.

Our aim goes beyond mere compliance: we are fully aware that a correct governance system is essential for meeting our long-term strategic objectives.

Ethics and transparency

We occupy a pivotal position in the hearing care sector: through our fitting of hearing aids, we play an important social and medical role for our customers, restoring their well-being. Aware of our responsibility, we endeavor to respect the highest standards of ethics, fairness and transparency, over and above the regulatory framework in all the countries in which we operate, and to promote a corporate culture based on honesty and integrity. 

Our code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics lays down the principles behind the policies of business conduct, human resources, accounting records and relations with external stakeholders. It is not only applied to our directors and employees, but also to our agents, consultants and suppliers.

Internal control and risk management

In line with legislation and best practice, we have a well-organized Internal Control and Risk Management System that aims at ensuring sound company management through an adequate process of identification, measurement, management and monitoring of key risks.

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