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Leader in hearing care retail

We work to improve the lives of millions of people, helping them rediscover all the emotions of sound. We offer hearing products and services with a highly personalized and innovative approach, thanks to increasingly advanced skills and technologies.

We are Amplifon


We believe we play an important role in society, which comes from continuous research into the best hearing solutions for everyone, and is developed in the relationships we build with people and the communities we operate in every day. Our everyday work really changes people's lives.

This is why the entire journey with our customers is based on a solid, long-term relationship with our hearing care specialists. It first begins at the hearing test and selection of the most suitable hearing solution. It is then reinforced by regular appointments when the hearing aid is adjusted to the customer's personal preferences and lifestyle. Finally, it continues over time thanks to the innovative Amplifon Product Experience.

Global leader in hearing care

global market share
of which hearing care prof.
2.26 bn
revenues 2023
542 mn
recurring EBITDA 2023

We listen to the future generations

A new generation is taking shape that's totally free and not defined by age. Today we live around 34 years longer than four generations ago, but it's not only a matter of age. We're more dynamic and, even when aged over 60, we continue enjoying things we're passionate about, new adventures and experiences. This means listening to the world around us and enjoying its beauty with those we love.

We want to promote inclusion and trigger a cultural revolution that changes our perceptions of hearing care.

Listening to and responding to the expectations of our customers, of our people, of the communities and of the context in which we operate, safeguarding the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs in the long term: for us at Amplifon this means committing ourselves every day to develop an increasingly sustainable business.


Across the world, there is a new generation that has transformed its lifestyle thanks to Amplifon. They rediscovered the emotions of sounds linked to the most precious moments life has to offer.

The skill of listening to tomorrow

Our role as leader in retail hearing care derives from our unique know-how, which has developed nearly 75 years of experience and is constantly renewed by our people who guarantee an extraordinary hearing experience, always.

We endeavor to achieve something that makes a difference. This is what drives us to carefully study the market and our customers' changing needs with great passion. For this reason, we select and train the best talents, as they are the ones who transform the way in which hearing care is perceived around the world.

We welcome those who share our sensitivity in a global multinational, which places people and innovation at the heart of its service model, where everyone's voice is heard.

Amplifon is a Top Employer

Amplifon has been recognized as a ‘Top Employer 2023’ for Europe – particularly in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal, for the second consecutive year. Amplifon was also recognized as a ‘Top Employer’ in the United States, the Netherlands, and New Zealand for the first time.


The award further confirms the company’s ongoing commitment to empowering its people and the evolution of its “Winning Workplace”.

The Top Employer Certification is the official recognition of corporate excellence in people practices and strategies and their implementation to contribute to people's well-being, improving the work environment and context.

Most Loved Workplace®

Amplifon has also become certified as a Most Loved Workplace® backed by the research and analysis of the Best Practice Institute (BPI).

The certification is based on Amplifon's scores on the Love of Workplace Index™ which surveyed employees on various elements around employee satisfaction and sentiment, including the level of respect, collaboration, support, and sense of belonging they feel inside the company.

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