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The Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies is a reference point for the scientific community: it contributes to developing and sharing information on hearing health based on clinical evidence, raising a culture of progress and innovation in the fields of Audiology and Otology within the medical-scientific community.

Amplifon CRS

The objective of the CRS, founded in Italy and now active in Spain and France, has always been to contribute to the development and sharing of scientific knowledge in collaboration with national and foreign universities and scientific societies.


Founded by Algernon Charles Holland in 1971 and active in Italy and other European countries, the CRS is an independent, non-profit organization. It works with national and international universities, organizations, and scientific institutions, promotes conferences and courses and encourages sharing of knowledge and best practices. 


Thanks to the CRS support, every year the most current topics related to audiology and ENT are discussed and analyzed in depth during national and international courses with the intervention of world-renowned speakers.

From 2020, the CRS focused on digital communication, sponsoring the development of the online publication, the first training and updating portal for ENT doctors and healthcare professionals.


The CRS supports the professional development of doctors and hearing care professionals by collaborating with universities and sponsoring courses and training programs. In 2022, in partnership with Italian specialization schools, the CRS supported the second edition of “Basic Science in Audiology”, an educational offering dedicated to doctors specializing in otolaryngology, audiology, and phoniatrics. For the project, real university lectures were held, as part of the specialization training of young doctors. 


In 2022, the CRS attended major congresses in the field of otolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics, among which the National Congress of the Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SIO) and the AIOLP Congress (Italian Association of Freelance Otorhinolaryngologists). During the latter, the CRS presented the first results of ongoing research relating to one of the most innovative telemedicine projects, linked to both the CRS and Amplifon: Otoremote, a tele-audiology system on a mobile device allowing constant remote checks and hearing tests, optimizing both cost and time.


To support the training of specialists, the Amplifon CRS offers access to one of the best-stocked private libraries in the field of audiology and otolaryngology, which includes some of the most eminent international publications in the industry. Since 2020, this library has been expanded to include publications that can be consulted digitally on the website and it is constantly growing.

Among the main activities of 2022, the distribution of the volume created on the bicentenary of the disappearance of the Italian anatomist Alfonso Corti in 1851 "The discovery of hearing organ" was of particular relevance.

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