Even though our business model is based on retail activities and on the offer of services, and does not include any industrial or production activities, at Amplifon we are sensitive and attentive to environmental issues and the challenges posed by climate change.

green electricity

circular economy

SBTi commitment

green electricity

green electricity

for lower emissions

In 2023 approx. 74% of the electricity consumed by our offices and direct stores was certified as coming from renewable sources (+22% with respect to 2022), with 13 countries involved in this best practive, avoiding the emission of approx. 8,621 tons of CO2. Thanks to the new Sustainability Plan, this practice will be extended to other Countries in the coming years, thus contributing to an ever-greater share of avoided indirect CO2 emissions.

circular economy

circular economy


Looking at the entire value chain, our business also offers us many opportunities in terms of the prevention of waste production and disposal.

Thanks to the sale and use of rechargeable hearing aids, in 2023 we contributed to the saving of about 254 million batteries that would otherwise have been used by customers, increasing in comparison with 2022 (194 million batteries saved).

SBTi commitment

SBTi commitment

for a greater awareness

The new Sustainability Plan includes the goal of defining and submitting near-term Science-Based Targets (SBTs) for decarbonization by 2025. Amplifon is SBTi committed to date.


Since 2017 we strive to track energy consumption, as well as estimating our direct (i.e., car fleet, heating, air conditioning) and indirect emissions arising from electricity purchase and business travels. In 2022, we completed the analysis of our carbon footprint, by extending the analysis to all the indirect Scope 3 emission categories. Scope 3 emissions resulted to account for more than 90% of the Group’s overall emissions.

Furthermore, we monitor the waste produced to assess potential reduction strategies and, starting from 2022, we extended such monitoring to our direct stores network (previously limited to HQs only).

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Environmental Policy

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We are strongly committed to running our activities in accordance with local regulatory frameworks and with the highest ethical and moral standards, thus actively working to prevent any type of unethical business practice.

Zero tolerance for corruption

We have a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and, in 2017, the group Anti-Corruption Policy was approved, intending to ensure daily activities are carried out ethically, protecting value creation and those core values on which the Company's activities are founded. The provisions and guidelines contained in the Policy are inspired by our corporate culture and by the behavioural principles stated in our Code of Ethics, which have been developed by analysing the activities potentially exposing Amplifon to corruption risk.

To support this, during 2020 a new Whistleblowing System was introduced with the aim to guarantee a safe, respectful and protected workplace. It constitutes a set of rules and means of communication to report, with the guarantee of confidentiality, any breach or well-founded suspicion of a breach, as well as any behavior that does not comply with the Code of Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Policy, internal policies and procedures (such as, for example, the Organizational Model 23 for the Parent Company), as well as laws and regulations applicable to each company of the Group.

Business ethics and fair competition

All our people and those representing us in various ways are required to uphold the high standards established in our Code of Ethics.

We have an internal control and risk management system, a set of rules, procedures and organizational structures to identify, measure, manage and constantly monitor the main risks.

Lastly, as stipulated in our Code of Ethics, people in direct contact with customers must provide full and accurate information about products and services, as well as any other information necessary to be able to make an informed decision.

In addition, we respond to competition by constantly monitoring market developments and guiding its investments primarily towards differentiating the service we offer and making new acquisitions, always maintaining a fair competition approach.


The Group’s Tax Strategy, approved by Amplifon S.p.A.’s Board of Directors during the meeting held on March 3rd, 2022, defines the suitable methods for managing the tax variable within the internal control system. Shaped by principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency in the relationship with the tax authorities, this Strategy aims to ensure tax legislation is correctly applied and that long-term value is created for all the stakeholders.


Responsible management of procurement and the supply chain is essential to guarantee compliance with the highest ethical standards along the value chain. Amplifon rejects suppliers which admit, in violation of the principles of the freedom and dignity of people and fundamental human rights, to the exploitation of forced and child labor, as well as any form of personal discrimination. During the qualification phase, all suppliers acknowledge and sign Amplifon’s Code of Ethics and, starting from 2019, all suppliers of hearing aids whose contract is subject to renegotiation are required to recognize and comply with the principles set forth in Amplifon’s Sustainability Policy. In addition, at the start of 2022 a new Supplier Code of Conduct was defined and adopted, which describes the principles and standards of conduct required of all of Amplifon’s suppliers and business partners. During 2023, the mandatory acceptance of this Code was included in the qualification process for new suppliers, so that any new supplier signs up to it and its proactive implementation. The progressive adoption of the Supplier Code of Conduct and the identification of potential ESG risks of suppliers are made possible by the new global supplier assessment framework, which was implemented in a pilot phase during 2023 to assess the ESG performance of a sample of Amplifon's suppliers, in line with the Sustainability Plan target defined in 2021.


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Constant monitoring of the regulatory framework

We operate in a medical sector, where regulations vary from country to country.

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