Our most valuable resources

No matter their role, all our people know they can make a difference and that they directly contribute to Amplifon's global leadership. Our commitment to attracting and developing the best resources strengthens our sense of belonging.

We strongly believe that Amplifon's people, regardless of their role within the organization, represent the most important asset for providing high value-added hearing solutions and services. As a result, we strive to attract, train and retain the best talent as well as to guarantee a diverse, inclusive and innovative working environment.

From our sustainability policy

We are a top employer

For the second year in a row, we received the Top Employer 2023 certificate in the whole of Europe and for the first time we obtained this acknowledgment also in the USA and New Zealand: a further confirmation of our ongoing commitment to the empowerment of our people and the evolution of our Winning Workplace.

The Top Employer Certification is the official recognition of corporate excellence in policies and strategies for the development of human resources and the improvement of the working environment.

HR strategy

Coordinating the group's rapid growth in recent years and strengthening its leadership through innovation also means paying the utmost attention to the people who make it all possible. We do this by means of three pillars:

High performing organization

Highly effective and competent organization that contributes to the achievement of excellent business results

In 2022, we organized the pilot edition of a new course dedicated to Project Management, a key cross-functional skill for our transformation process. The growing focus on innovation brought about the creation, at the beginning of 2022, of Amplifon X, a new business unit entirely dedicated to the development of digital counting on a combined team of more than 60 people.

People excellence

Solid talent pipeline to overcome present and future business challenges

In 2022, we consolidated the offer of the existing Leadership Program, ensuring the continuous update of the contents with the Group’s transformation process, with the HR processes, the Leadership Model, and the Amplifon Employee Experience.

Winning culture

Unique and distinctive company identity as a winning trait in the market

In July 2022, we formalized our DEIB Policy (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging). Valid for the entire Group, it consolidates the importance we attribute to an impartial, fair and inclusive working environment where “everyone” belongs to. We continued carrying on activities related to internal communication, apt to simplify the sharing of information and the promotion of specific ESG topics through the implementation of our Global Internal Communication Framework.


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Us at the end of 2022

total workforce
direct employees
women in managerial roles
employees aged 30-50 y.o.
employees in STEM roles
hearing care professionals

Total workforce by region


Total workforce by population type


Investing in training and development

We offer training and development programs to all employees at national, regional, and global levels. The wide array of training offerings meets local needs, allowing people to benefit from the best practices of the entire global network.

2022 Training data

409,000 h
for all staff
days per employee
279,000 h
for hearing care specialist
38 h
for each hearing care sp.

Ampli Academy

Ampli Academy is the platform comprising the development and training offer designed for all Amplifon's staff and clustered on the specific needs of each Country and function. The aim is to develop two distinct areas of competencies: the first one is more focused on functional pathways, or rather functional skills, while the second one is focused on behavioral & leadership competencies, to develop soft skills. Considering the growing importance of inter-functional and interpersonal skills, the latter is based on four themes designed with the perspective of developing skills that will be required in the future: Awareness, Digital empowerment, Connect, and Lead.

Talent attraction strategies

A desire to work in a dynamic international environment and a keen interest in innovation are essential qualities that we look for in the talent we want to attract. To pull key talents we leverage a unique and innovative Employer Branding strategy, supported by a global careers website and targeted social media activities.

Rewarding performance

We highly value acknowledging and rewarding the achievement of results and success, appraising the contribution of each employee on the basis of a culture of constant feedback.


Continuous Feedback

Stock grant





In Amplifon, the pay is based on performance, and the remuneration policy is closely aligned with the company's strategy: it is attractive, simple, clear, and designed to motivate people to achieve their targets. In addition to being a distinctive trait based on the principle of global consistency in order to promote a One Company culture, it is made of fixed as well as short and long-term variable components. 

Continuous Feedback

Continuous Feedback

to improve performance

The recognition of the value of each employee is underpinned by a culture of continuous feedback, essential for maintaining high performance. We encourage regular meetings between employees and their managers, to ensure anytime & continuous feedback capable of supporting the right orientation and recognition. This way, we allow everyone to evaluate their performance with transparent criteria related to the achievement of the objectives and the continuous improvement of their skills.

Stock grant

Stock grant

To reward performance

Our “Stock Grant Plan 2019-2025” incentive system aims at aligning the interests of management with those of shareholders and rewarding human capital. It foresees Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTI) beneficiaries, i.e. managers who hold key Group positions, Amplifon Extraordinary Award Plan (AEA) beneficiaries, i.e. employees who are selected and identified from year to year according to criteria based on retention, promotability and extraordinary recognition. 



to foster results

Through the Performance Development Review (PDR) process, we measure the achievement of targets and monitor the development of skills, also supported by training sessions related to the Leadership Model. At Group level, approximately 88% of employees received a performance review in 2022, with the exception of those employees who cannot be included in the process due to special circumstances.

Employee health and safety

Occupational safety cannot be overlooked even in environments like ours, where risks are objectively contained. A proactive approach in identifying such risks, which are primarily linked to office activities or secondary activities, such as maintenance, is a constant priority for us.

With the aim of preventing accidents, we provide our employees with training on health and safety at work, ranging from a description of the risks in the workplace and of specific safety procedures, awareness of national legislation and the roles and responsibilities defined internally in the organization.

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