Our role

Our role in the value chain

We offer unique hearing care services to our customers. This means staying continuously in contact with them, listening to their needs, and getting to know their expectations.

The customer guides each choice we make

We have a direct relationship with the people we offer hearing services and solutions to and take a truly consultative and collaborative approach.

The success of the hearing solution and thus the improvement in the ability to hear and communicate, relies above all on the skills of the hearing care specialists to perform hearing tests, select the most suitable devices, correctly fit them and make the most of hearing aid technology based on the individual's needs.

Technology, listening, and service make the difference.

We hold a strategic position
we are specialized in offering services and solutions for hearing well-being

The value chain is inverted: retail and service are no longer the last link in the chain, but it is in fact the first link in the chain of demand.

The value chain

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Technology for customer experience

We developed the Amplifon Product Experience which includes the Amplifon product line and our multichannel ecosystem, focusing on people and their needs.

It is an advanced digital system through which data can be collected and analyzed, such as noise levels in more frequently visited places or the usage time of personalized devices. All with the sole purpose of offering an excellent service and dedicated experience.

Our hearing care specialists

They are key figures, highly qualified and up to date on the most avant-garde technology, who carefully listen to, engage in dialogue with and accompany people on their journey to rediscovering a full hearing experience.

What makes us stand out

With nearly seventy-five years' history, we aim to be the best at interpreting the needs of people who won't settle for anything else apart from living life to the full.

Strong competencies

Our 10,600 hearing care specialists perform hundreds of thousands hearing tests and keep up to date by completing over 280,000 hours of training, bringing together innovation, scientific knowledge and a highly personalized approach.

Unmatched brands

Our portfolio of strong, well-known brands allows us to drive real cultural change in the sector, redefining the way in which customers relate to their hearing well-being. United under the Amplifon brand, all of our trademarks invite people to enjoy unique experiences.

Global scale

Our global distribution network, interconnected through our databases, lets us stay close to our customers, share excellence among our hearing care specialists in 26 countries and diversify exposure to different markets.


Through Amplifon X, our new agile business unit entirely dedicated to developing highly innovative digital solutions, we express our attitude of always looking ahead and pushing our limits. The Amplifon multichannel ecosystem of customer-centric omni- channel and omni-persona solutions enables data mining activities, thus allowing us to develop high value-added services to further differentiate the customer journey and the experience we offer.

Scientific leadership

Amplifon's Centre for Research and Studies is a specialist partner for the medical and scientific community in the fields of audiology and ENT since 1971. Its prestige is linked to the contribution of internationally recognized experts, whose innovative contribution is fundamental for the continuous theoretical and practical development of the medical community.

Employer of choice

We are the employer of choice thanks to our corporate culture, constant investment in our talent and incentives to professional development, also through assignments within global projects.

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