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We are looking for people with ambition and the motivation to help us lead a cultural and technological transformation in hearing care.

We welcome hearing care professionals, professionals and managers who share this ambition.

Professionals and managers

Our professionals and managers work every day to improve and innovate our processes and systems to support our commitment to radically changing the perception of hearing care.

We are constantly looking for the most interesting profiles dedicated to Digital Marketing, CRM and Customer Experience, as well as those experienced in Sales & Retail Excellence, Finance, Supply Chain and IT, especially if specialized in big data. We also seek the best professionals in functions such as Communication, Legal and Human Resources.

We love being able to work with enterprising, practical and agile people who have an aptitude for growth and development in an international context.

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hearing care professionals

Hearing care is an ever-evolving sector that offers innovation, opportunity and satisfaction through constant contact with our customers.

Hearing care professionals embody the perfect mix of technical and interpersonal skills. They actively listen to people, understand their needs, and build meaningful relationships with them to personalize service with the most advanced solutions. They stand out through their solid ethics, awareness of the social role they play and strong inclination towards entrepreneurship.

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Want to discover what we offer our hearing care professionals?

Visit our website dedicate to careers in Amplifon.

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