A new corporate unit acting as a start-up, devoted to Innovation.

Shaping the future

AmplifonX is the new organizational structure to support the acceleration of the Group’s digital innovation strategy. It is a team model that combines business and tech organizations, shortening the go-to-market timeline in a fully agile perspective.

A start-up within the Company, able to boost a strong acceleration in the creation of highly-innovative digital products and services - especially in such a complex context as the silver age, continuously evolving. The team is made by the so-called “X-ers”, on average below 30 y.o., coming from different backgrounds - from engineering to self-made development.

At the beginning of 2022, AmplifonX was created from the merger of Otohub (start-up acquired in 2019) and the Company’s digital team, which is entirely dedicated to developing highly innovative digital solutions.

In these years, Amplifon developed a digital ecosystem dedicated to hearing care professionals: thanks to personalized insights coming from customer’s needs, they can connect with clients and activate new solutions extending their experience even outside the store. In this way, the platform makes it possible to meet the customers’ needs quickly and effectively and to provide them with all the support they need.

Ampli-care is the strategic initiative to reshape the audiological care experience, aiming to put the customer at the center and perfectly align all channels and actors of the audiological journey: client, audiologist, caregiver, and ENT.

Amplifon app

Our websites

amplifon 360


Amplifon app

Amplifon app

hearing care in your hands

Compatible with products from 5 different manufacturers, our app is a unique and distinctive User Experience that completes and reinforces our Amplifon Product Experience strategy in 13 countries currently active, highly appreciated by customers with the best rating in the market with 4.2 in iOS and 3.4 in Android.

Usage statistics, advanced control center, tailored support: a whole set of levers to improve the experience, positively affecting our Net Promoter Score.

Our websites

Our websites

A playground of +20 websites worldwide

Since 2018, we have gone live with 11 websites in EMEA, 3 in APAC and 3 in AMERICAs, plus the Corporate website, the Amplifon Foundation and the CRS ones.

This, thanks to our proprietary Global Design System based on Atomic Design, implemented worldwide leveraging Adobe Experience Manager capabilities. 

amplifon 360

amplifon 360

Our unique patented protocol

AmplifonX took care of reimaging and redesigning the Amplifon360 digital product: we delivered a breakthrough new version, so modern, so unique that all Amplifon regions are eager to get on board.

The platform’s new version leverages a unique experience to boost a complete new data and insights collection & analysis approach.



1st and only iPad based audiometer

It is ANSI and ISO compliant, NOAH compatible, HIPAA compliant tablet-based audiometer. Fully owned by Amplifon, designed in Amplifon, for Amplifon only: OtoPad is a dramatic competitive advantage.

  • 65% saved time for a complete battery of tests
  • Fully integrated with our technical infrastructure
  • Native support to our Amplifon360 protocol
  • Raising the bar in our unique Amplifon customer experience
  • CE Mark and FDA Registered

In Amplifon, goals and results are achieved only through teamwork and collaboration with all the other Company’s divisions, building end-to-end accountability from the software design phase until the actual development of digital products and solutions. 

The structure leverages meaningful partnerships with world-renowned academic realities to define new audiological care standards and create a unique experience for all its customers and hearing care professionals.

Meet the team: Simone and Luigi

Meet Luigi Ungaro, Lead Engine Developer, and Simone D'Alena, UX/UI Designer at AmplifonX.

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Meet the team: Fabrizio and Francesca

Meet Fabrizio Barbieri, Global Head of Consumer Digital Products, and Francesca Perissinotto, Global Digital Services Product Owner at AmplifonX.

Watch all our X-Stories

Make the difference with AmplifonX

We have an open and informal culture, where colleagues can build warm, collaborative relationships, and everyone is encouraged to have a personal impact. Working at Amplifon gives you the chance to make your voice heard, build strong working relationships, and create your tailor-made career.

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