Shareholders' Meetings

An opportunity for exchange of thoughts with shareholders

The Shareholders' Meeting convenes at least once a year. The Board of Directors endeavours to ensure adequate disclosure to shareholders, so that they may contribute to decisions with full knowledge of the facts. 

The Shareholders' Meeting is qualified, in ordinary session, to approve the financial statements, appoint and dismiss Directors and Statutory Auditors, determine their compensation and decide on what is within their jurisdiction in accordance with the law. In extraordinary session, the Shareholders’ Meeting decides on amendments to the deed of incorporation and the Articles of Association, as well as everything that is within their jurisdiction according to legal provisions. 

Our Articles of Association establish that, unless otherwise decided by the shareholders at the time of their appointment, the Board of Directors are entitled to, within the legal limits, all the broadest powers for ordinary and extraordinary administration, as well as provision with no limitation. In order to guarantee the proper performance of the Shareholders’ Meeting, its work is not only regulated by the Articles of Association but also by specific Regulations, which were approved by the shareholders in 2007. 

Increased voting rights

Following the adoption of Law 116/2014, which introduced into the Italian judicial system the principle of increased voting rights, Amplifon adopted, in its own Articles of Association, the option for shareholders to request two votes for each share held continuously for at least 24 months from the date of entry on the specific register prepared by the company. Increased voting rights were established with a view to pursue stability and loyalty of the shareholder base. A specific procedure governs the increased voting rights. 

On March 20th, 2024, the number of shares with increased voting rights (two votes for each share) was 95,748,033 out of a total of 226,388,620 shares, which implies a total of 322,136,653 voting rights.

Ampliter S.r.l. is the only majority shareholder which has requested and/or obtained increased voting rights. On March 20th, 2024, Ampliter S.r.l. holds 42.06% of share capital and 59.12% of share capital in voting rights. 


Ampliter S.r.l.

Number of shares

Ampliter S.r.l.


% of share capital1

Ampliter S.r.l.


% of share capital in terms of voting rights1

Ampliter S.r.l.


Date of communication

Ampliter S.r.l.

March 20, 2024

Date of request    

Ampliter S.r.l.

March 27, 2015

Registration date3

Ampliter S.r.l.

April 2, 2015

Date of vote rights increase

Ampliter S.r.l.

April 2, 2017

Table drawn in accordance with Art. 143-quater, paragraph 5 of Consob's Issuers' Regulation.

1 Percentage refers to the share capital at the date of communication.

2 All of which with increased voting rights (2 votes for each share) in accordance with art.13 of the Articles of Association.

3 Registration in the increased voting rigths list of shareholders

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