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Our contribution to communities

We are engaged in social inclusion, awareness-raising, prevention and educational activities to contribute towards community wellbeing and to generate a positive and sustainable social impact over time.

Our products and services have a high social impact on community worldwide. We are deeply committed to raising awareness around hearing health, with the ultimate goal of reducing the severe consequences related to hearing impairment and maximizing the positive impact of early intervention.

From our sustainability policy

Our community impact program

Being aware of the important role we play within society, in 2019 we launched We Care, our program encompassing the social impact initiatives promoted in the communities where we operate.

Some community impact initatives

Discover some of the community impact initiatives carried out throughout the years globally


In Italy, our employees are regularly involved in the volunteering opportunities offered by Amplifon Foundation, such as Viva gli Anziani, a project where Amplifon volunteers guarantee seniors in Italian cities support and assistance, fighting loneliness and isolation.

Since 2019, a Food Giving activity has been promoted in the Milan headquarters (Italy) as a part of the We Care program. The activity aims to recover surplus food from the company canteen and redistribute it to people in need, with the support of the local non-profit Banco Alimentare. Moreover, the collection of used clothing for people in need was launched again within the Milan headquarters, in collaboration with the local non-profit organization Pane Quotidiano.


In 2022 the We Care program in America experienced huge success, measured by the far-reaching and positive impact made in our local Twin Cities community (Minneapolis and Saint-Paul) and the employee population. Amplifon America partnered with 17 different organizations and donated over $25,000.

Over 100 employees volunteered their time throughout the year in a variety of ways, including packing meals for children in underserved communities in-office, administering hearing and vision tests at local elementary schools, and getting the first deaf and hard-of-hearing hockey team in Minnesota off the ground and onto the ice.


After 2 years of stagnation due to the pandemic, in 2022 Amplifon France resumed the humanitarian mission organized in conjunction with Enfants Sourds du Cambodge, picking up the long-standing relationship with the association.

In addition, a new well-being policy for employees allowed further economic support for employees, as well as the mitigation of potential psychological risks in the workplace.


Amplifon The Netherlands promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle among its employees through financial support for renting bikes to go to work and for joining the gym.

In line with the Group’s values and with the purpose of creating an impact on the local community, employees took part in the Rotterdam Marathon and the Singelloop Marathon, raising funds for the Dutch KWF cancer society and for the Eardrop association.


Over the past 12 years, Amplifon Portugal helped more than 150 people in conjunction with the Vale Flor Institute, a non-profit organization providing medical aid to African countries in need (e.g., São Tomé and Príncipe). In 2022 we conducted 2 missions meeting the hearing needs of 47 children, donating 45 hearing devices and replacing 21 damaged ones.

In addition, an annual campaign allowed Amplifon audiologists to identify 13 customers with serious hearing losses and in financial difficulties to whom to donate hearing equipment

Educating responsible listening

Prevention and raising awareness are our top priorities. We want to change the lives of entire communities, one person at a time. We have a social role and an over 70-year-long tradition of active presence in the communities where we operate. Our role within society carries specific responsibilities, such as changing the perception of hearing care and enabling each person to live their life to the fullest, while continuing to take an active part in their own world.

Listen Responsibly Program

The little-known link between exposure to sources of excessive noise and the risk of causing hearing damage or premature hearing loss is at the center of our Listen Responsibly program, promoted in Italy through the Ci Sentiamo Dopo – Listen Responsibly project, in Spain with the Oyeah – Listen Responsibly project, and from 2022 also in France, with the goal of raising awareness about responsible listening among the younger generation. After its launch in 2019, the project has been promoted in more than 1,500 Italian and Spanish elementary and secondary schools thanks to an engaging multidisciplinary educational path that has turned about 32,000 students into genuine ambassadors of a new culture of sound.

Noise tracker

Thanks to the Listen Responsibly App, all members of society are involved as pioneers of a new discipline: acoustic ecology. By recording environmental noise levels, the app’s noise tracker creates an interactive map soundscape via gamification mechanisms. As of today, the App, which is available free of charge on all the main digital stores, has registered more than 13,200 users for a total of over 12,500 noise levels readings. After launching the noise tracker in Italy back in January 2020, the App also reached Spain in April 2021 during the International Noise Awareness Day, and was introduced in France from January 2022.

Listen Responsibly: find the acoustic oases around you

The role of our Foundations

With the aim of giving back value to communities, from 2020 Amplifon is supporting Amplifon Foundation, an independent legal entity that is active on topics of social inclusion. At the same time, we continue providing our contribution and skills to Miracle-Ear Foundation and Fundación GAES Solidaria.

Amplifon Foundation

Amplifon Foundation is a company foundation established in early 2020 in Italy, marking the Group's seventieth anniversary to consolidate the Group’s social commitment. The Amplifon Foundation endeavors to ensure that everyone, from the youngest to the most senior ones, can achieve their full potential in life through social inclusion, preventing stigma and isolation from causing emotional and social consequences.

Amplifon Foundation continues evolving thanks to the contribution of numerous partners and stakeholders who, every day, constitute a stimulus for promoting an increasingly inclusive society.

Miracle-Ear Foundation

In North America, the Miracle-Ear Foundation offers to those in need the opportunity to access hearing care devices and related services.

Gift of Sound™ is the Miracle-Ear Foundation's main program, through which hearing aids are donated and services, assistance and follow-up are provided to individuals and families in need at no cost to the recipients. Moreover, through the Hear Again™ program, Miracle-Ear customers can bring their old unused hearing aids to donate to the Foundation to be subsequently reconditioned and donated. 


The Fundación GAES Solidaria aims to improve people's quality of life, particularly those with hearing loss or suffering social deprivation. In addition, it helps promote research on hearing disorders and raise public awareness on the importance of hearing care, a vital part of our well-being.

The Foundation's leading international projects are “Speech Therapy” and “Oídos del Tíbet”, both carried out are in India, with the aim of helping local children with hearing problems to rediscover the emotions of sounds.

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