Our stakeholders are our priority

We operate in a dynamic international context, where the involvement of stakeholders - based on the values of honesty, transparency, and open dialog - is essential for pursuing our goal of generating shared economic and social value. 

For this reason, adopting a perspective of mutual learning and sharing, we constantly promote activities of listening, interaction, and dialog, in order to develop the most sustainable growth strategies.

In 2022, we updated our stakeholder categories, defining a Stakeholder Engagement Plan that will allow us to engage, on a rotation basis over 2022-2024, the majority of our stakeholders. Using different interactive modalities and based on a structured process, this Plan will translate into a new materiality analysis update process.

Who are our stakeholders

We are in regular contact with our key stakeholders (people suffering from hearing loss & caregivers, workforce, franchisees & agents, industry & consumers associations, shareholders, providers of capital, & financial community) as well as with hearing aid manufacturers, trade unions, the academia & medical class, indirect suppliers & other value chain actors, regulatory authorities & health care systems, local & global communities, and the media.


They are our actual and potential customers. We always make sure to engage them via customer satisfaction surveys, market research, focus groups, and individual interviews. We involve them in usability tests to optimize the service and solutions we offer with the highest standards possible. In addition, we consider their caregivers (friends and relatives) to be as much important for us, since they contribute to help them throughout their journey of rediscovering all the emotions of sounds.


Our people continuously participate in internal engagement activities. They always have the opportunity to give feedback and participate in annual global meetings by role or area and they can voice themselves out in engagement surveys. Awards, such as the Charles Holland Award, are also an occasion to catch up with our workforce. This year we also created an ad-hoc internal newsletter for promoting and raising awareness on ESG topics.


They are an important point of direct contact with customers, despite not being our employees. We involve them locally, by means of meetings and conventions, and through engagement surveys and focus groups, to identify dedicated training initiatives for them.


We collect their expectations at key meetings such as the Shareholders' Meeting, conference calls, roadshows, industry conferences, company visits, and one-to-one meetings organized with analysts and investors. In addition, we also regularly engage in dialogue with ESG rating agencies.


We engage with industry and consumer associations to increase awareness about hearing care and improve customer satisfaction. Consumers are at the core of our business approach, and we constantly strive to meet their needs and requirements, in line with industry trends and standards.

Stakeholder map

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Our materiality analysis

The materiality analysis represents the pivotal process underlying the drafting of our Sustainability Report, and aims to identify, among the various economic, environmental and social topics, those matters which, at the same time, are the most important for both our Organization and our stakeholders.

Already back in 2021, we introduced the concept of “double materiality”, valuing at the same time both Amplifon’s contribution to individual economic, environmental, and social topics significant to the market, environment and people (ESG materiality), as well as to what extent these global topics and macro-trends can impact the Company’s financial performance and its ability to create value (financial materiality).

This specific dual perspective was utilized also in 2023, employing a dynamic approach, looking at current sector trends and drivers and at the ESG world. We are conscious that today’s non-material topics could gain relevance in the near future

what is relevant for us

Find out how we approach our material topics.

Our customers

Product and service innovation and customization are vital for us. We pay the utmost attention to the accessibility to hearing care, quality and safety for customers, data privacy and cybersecurity.

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Our people

It is vital to attract, develop and retain key resources, to guarantee equal opportunities and well-being to our people, as well as employees’ health and safety.

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Local communities and future generations

Our contribution to community well-being as well as awareness-raising and education towards hearing care reflects the responsibility we feel in promoting social inclusion

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It is important to guarantee the integrity of the company's practices through anti-corruption policies and business ethics, as well as caring for the environment and the responsible management of the supply chain

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