People want unique experiences. Our task is to use a data-driven approach to develop increasingly effective and smart solutions.

This is our vision

Our world is changing

People look for experiences. Gathering together and knowing how to interpret useful and detailed data on what drives people and on their individual preferences means being able to offer a personalized experience and to communicate it with the most suitable messages through the most relevant channels.

The increasingly comprehensive use of technology is the real turning point: today successful products are always accompanied by software that enriches customer experience through continuous data collection. It is based on this data that the best experiences are designed.

Stores play an important role in collecting information to fully understand the people we meet and therefore to develop tailored services. They are where people are really listened to.

Our data revolution

At Amplifon, we listen to our customers at our stores, but also through our ecosystem and new Amplifon app which, with the help of artificial intelligence, processes data and allows us to really get to know people.

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e-health platform

Through our advanced data management system, we are able to build a map of behavior, purchase choices and to even estimate trends that may develop. This map guides us to the direction chosen by the customer, making their experience even more personalized and meaningful.

Technological and digital advances allow us to support our customers also remotely through chatbots which give them a quick initial support to resolve simple problems.

This will naturally develop into a real e-health platform that will connect our hearing care specialists to our customers to carry out virtual appointments and remote fine-tuning of their hearing aids.

We're still human

One thing remains, the importance of human touch. All data and information collected are processed and sent back to real people: the people in our stores, our staff, and our customers, in the form of a completely customized service.

Data are actually needed to humanize this relationship we have with our customers, so we can get closer to each and every one of them thanks to the best solution for their specific needs.

We go beyond

The world is driven by those who make the most of data, software and integrated retail. Our objective is to do exactly this. And this is why we continue to invest in marketing, technology, innovation, and attracting talent, and we created, at the beginning of 2022, AmplifonX, a new organizational structure entirely dedicated to the development of highly innovative digital solutions. Investment in data means having more information available and therefore more in-depth knowledge. With this knowledge we can constantly improve our interactions and better serve our customers, quickly generating a lasting impact in the lives of millions of people.

We are revolutionizing the hearing care sector by creating innovative solutions and tailor-made experiences – making it possible to rediscover all the emotions of sound.

The possibilities are infinite, and we will make the most of them.


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