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The Amplifon Foundation aims at enabling individuals to achieve their full potential in life through social inclusion. It consolidates our social commitment towards the community and our stakeholders and embodies the values of our corporate purpose of “empowering people”.

The Amplifon Foundation is the corporate foundation created by Amplifon in 2020, on occasion of our seventieth anniversary, as a means of giving back value to the community.


The strategy of Amplifon Foundation was designed to leverage on the expertise of the Company, on the know-how of Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies (CRS), and on the work of our other Foundations active around the world such as the Miracle-Ear Foundation in the US and Fundación GAES Solidaria in Spain. While they will keep on pursuing their precious activity, the analysis of our key stakeholders’ expectations and social needs highlighted the need to launch this new dedicated philanthropic vehicle for managing and valuing Amplifon’s efforts for the community in a concerted way.

The Amplifon Foundation will represent the point of reference to implement and fund impactful projects for local communities, in Italy and abroad, that are aligned with its goals.

Giving strength and ensuring inclusion to all those at risk of falling behind, with particular attention to those suffering from a hearing impairment, and the elderly in their communities.


Our areas of action


Commitment is expressed in the removal of barriers that limit opportunities for active participation in social and professional life.


Support disadvantaged young people so that they can find their own career path and access all the opportunities in line with their ambition. Building opportunities for them to enhance and increase their skills.


Promoting education and widespread knowledge, because these are the most powerful tools to express one's talent, so that everyone has the opportunity to realize themselves. Communities of people are the driver for a more inclusive world.

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How to ask for support

We will be more than happy to support initiatives under our three areas of action: enabling participationdiversity & employability and inclusive communities.


Should your charitable project or initiative fall under our areas of intervention and require support or a donation, we are willing to receive your request1.  Just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

1. The Foundation will support projects submitted by registered non-profit entities, ONGs, social enterprises, schools and universities only. 

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