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Expertise, innovation and customization allow us to offer our customers an exceptional, exciting and unique experience.


Attention to service can only be our top priority, and the social mission we carry out requires us to constantly strive to allow every person to rediscover all the emotions of sounds.

Being aware of our pivotal role in the hearing care sector, we are firmly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions by ensuring their effectiveness, personalization and safety, as well as delivering an outstanding customer experience addressing the needs of each.

From our sustainability policy


We would not be able to best satisfy the demands of our customers without constantly investing in innovation and personalization of hearing solutions. With the Amplifon Product Experience, an integrated system putting people at the heart of a path where service and product are in full synergy, we have redefined the entire customer experience.


Ampli care

With Ampli-care we will give our customers a unique, innovative and engaging experience every day, and support them to meet their every need. We include customers and caregivers in a smooth, uninterrupted journey at all touchpoints, through three pillars: immersive experience, hypersonalized solutions, always-connected support.


Thanks to our global presence, e strive to make hearing care always accessible and available, facilitating overcoming the obstacles that prevent people from seeking expert advice to improve their hearing well-being, and multiplying our global and digital presence.


Both people noticing hearing loss and their family and friends ("influencers"), must have, at any time, all the information they need to make informed choices or give the right advice. For this reason, our digital channels provide clear and easily accessible information about the hearing services and how hearing works, while our websites have dedicated sections that provide influencers with information on how to identify friends or family who could have hearing difficulties.


Along with the in-store assistance, our hearing care professionals offer telephone and home services to our most vulnerable customers, as well as the sale of batteries online. In addition, the numerous Amplifon App functionalities allow our customers to take advantage of customized services and suggestions to maximize the benefit of our hearing care also remotely. In this way, we guarantee a high-quality service to those in need, both in-store and elsewhere.


We guarantee customer safety to prevent any harm to them, from the fitting phase to the daily use of hearing aids, in full compliance with legal provisions. 

Product safety

Manufacturers guarantee hearing aids are manufactured in compliance with all directives, laws and regulations applicable in the countries where they are sold. They are also responsible for the multitude of tests that hearing aids, as medical devices, undergo to guarantee users’ safety. In addition, for each product category, we provide a specific manual for using the product safely. Moreover, we rely on third-party laboratories to evaluate product safety and other technological or production aspects.

Moreover, we have already adopted the necessary procedures to comply with the New Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) and UK-MDR 2022 concerning activities such as complaint handling, labelling, product recall and data management.

Service safety

We select highly qualified hearing care professionals and invest in their continuous training, so as to guarantee the safety of each customer at each stage of their experience.

Our Amplifon App, in-house developed, is CE-marked and is distributed in European Union and APAC countries as a medical device. To obtain this mark, we adapted our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO standard 13485:2016. The same app branded Miracle-Ear has obtained the approval of the FDA to be launched in the United States in 2019.

Customer privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection are increasingly in the spotlight. Protecting the data we hold is more than a priority for us: it is an essential condition to earn the trust people place in us every day. Collecting and processing information is not only vital for us to provide our services, but it also enables us to innovate and guarantee the most advanced solutions.


We continually invest in data protection through a set of management tools for the application of the requirements as foreseen by national and international legislation. Upon the entry into force of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), we have implemented all the necessary steps to be fully compliant with legislation throughout Europe.

During 2023, to improve Amplifon’s privacy posture, a number of activities were implemented including: the launch of internal communication campaigns to increase awareness on the subject, the development and adoption in Europe of guidelines for the management of personal data transformers to non-EU countries, impact assessments on more sensitive data processing and the finalization and adoption of a Global Privacy Policy for the entire group.


When designing the digital services offered by Amplifon, such as the multichannel ecosystem, the Amplifon App and Ampli Care, the first requisite taken into consideration is always data privacy and security (privacy and security by design). With reference to the Amplifon App, consent for data processing for marketing and profiling purposes was updated in conformity with regulations and users can revoke their consent at any time.



In 2021 we created a dedicated cybersecurity team, furtherly reorganized in 2023, to ensure increasing coverage of cyber issues, to create shared responsibilities and strengthen active collaboration across functions. 

Specific training is provided to all employees to enhance their awareness of risks and cyber threats as well as foster secure behavior throughout the organization, in a continuous learning process. Particularly, our hearing care professionals and in-store staff are trained to correctly handle customers’ sensitive data. Furthermore, our Code of Ethics prohibits any data disclosure and utilization for purposes other than those established


In 2023 additional concrete initiatives were implemented to reduce cybersecurity risks, with a particular focus on the security of networks, services and endpoint equipment, improvement of monitoring, detection activities as well as increasing the awareness of all collaborators. Investments in the ICT architecture and security protection/detection/response against new IT security threats continued, thereby contributing to Amplifon’s digital transformation.

Moreover, the activities to obtain the ISO27001 (Corporate) certification and HiTrust continued, in the light of the SOC2 certification already valid in the United States. Moreover, we continued the process to formalize the Information Security Document Framework, aimed at regulating the security processes involving people and technologies.

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