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The strength of our network, our brands and our people, together with a strong innovative drive and a proven execution capability, position us at the cutting edge of a growing market.


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We are the worldwide leader in the retail sector of hearing care with a global market share of around 13%. We rely on a winning business model that combines a strong corporate identity with the ability to leverage the competitive advantages of local markets, and is based on three unmatched assets:

  1. The capillarity of our distribution network consisting of around 9,700 points of sale in 26 countries: an increasingly interconnected network thanks to our databases and global processes.
  2. The pervasiveness of our unique portfolio of well-known brands, that allows us to change the way in which hearing care is perceived and experienced throughout the world.
  3. The unique expertise of 10,600 hearing care professionals, who we are constantly investing in to guarantee the best service and an excellent customer satisfaction.

Hearing care: a highly attractive market

It is estimated at €17.5 billion with positive growth perspectives in the medium-term.


An ambitious growth strategy

Our strategic plan will enable us to continue to grow at a faster rate than the market, thanks to solid organic growth and the contribution of network expansion in France, Germany, the United States and China.

In 2018 we confirmed our dynamism with the largest transaction in our history - the acquisition of the Spanish group GAES, the largest privately-owned specialty retailer in the world – and with our entry into China, a unique opportunity in the medium-long term given the size of the market and its growth potential. In 2021, we further expanded our presence in Australia through the acquisition of  Bay Audio, and completing our second JV in China. We are ready to seize new opportunities and accelerate our growth in the medium term.

A major innovation program

We implemented a strong technology innovation program in customer experience that aims not only at providing a superior experience and impeccable service but also at transforming the retail hearing care market.

With this in mind, we developed the Amplifon Product Experience, made of the Amplifon product line and our multichannel ecosystem. It was launched with outstanding results in 2018 in Italy and its roll-out continued in further 12 countries. All that positions us at the forefront of digital technologies and data collection and utilization, allowing us to further personalize customers’ experience. Service innovation will be an increasingly important lever for our future growth and will open up new business opportunities and generate even more value.

Skill and passion

We rely on a young and influential management team, with a range of different skills and an international background.

While they have been able to bring the dynamism and agility of a start-up to Amplifon, the skill and motivation of all our people enable us to implement our strategy. Our proven execution capability allows us to post record results which are constantly increasing, in line with the sustainable growth and value creation targets that we set ourselves.

Our commitment towards sustainability

We recognize how ESG topics are increasingly more important to all our stakeholders, particularly for investors and their investment criteria and analysis.

Indeed, we have been publishing our Sustainability Report since 2016, providing our stakeholders with relevant and transparent information about our sustainability performances. Every year we promote many stakeholder engagement activities, and we collaborate with the main ESG rating agencies. Moreover, in 2024 we launched “Listening Ahead”, our new Sustainability Plan with goals integrated within our business strategy and in line with the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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