World Hearing Day 2021: Amplifon presents the new edition of "Ci Sentiamo Dopo" and continues to promote a culture of responsible listening

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Last updated on February 23, 2021 at 12:26 pm
  • Launch of the new edition of the project which has already reached more than 20,000 students in schools throughout Italy.
  • Starting this year, the project is part of Amplifon’s global platform “Listen Responsibly” and supports the WHO’s «Hearing Care for All» campaign.
  • More than 800 classes will be involved in the use of innovative tools, workshops, digital kits, and the “Listen Responsibly” noise tracker app.

On World Hearing Day – celebrated every year on March 3rd by the World Health Organization - Amplifon presents the new edition of Ci Sentiamo Dopo, the project conceived by the Group to promote a new culture of healthy hearing and responsible listening among young people, providing interactive workshops and educational activities for students throughout Italy.

The new edition continues along the path of raising awareness begun with the first edition, in 2019, enriched with important new developments.

For the first time, in fact, the project is part of Sodalitas Call for Future, an initiative of Fondazione Sodalitas which involves businesses, committed to creating a sustainable future based on the UN’s Agenda 2030, as well as young people, citizens of tomorrow’s world.   Sodalitas Call for Future looks for 150 concrete corporate actions which respond to four challenges - Call for Planet, Call for People, Call for Work and Call for Better – promoting a dialogue between companies and young people, informed by the shared language of sustainability. Ci Sentiamo Dopo fits with the Call for People initiatives as it contributes to reaching Sustainable Development Goal #3 “Good health and wellbeing” and #11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

As of this year, Ci Sentiamo Dopo is also part of Amplifon’s global platform “Listen Responsibly”, the program focused on increasing the awareness of responsible listening conceived to gradually reach all the Countries in which the Group operates, making a concrete contribution to achieving the goals of the World Health Organization’s campaign «Hearing Care for All».  During the 2021 edition of World Hearing Day, WHO will draw the attention of decision makers and the public to the importance of taking care of your hearing at any age, adopting measures to reduce exposure to noise that is above acceptable thresholds and promoting screening initiatives for everyone.

The edition of Ci Sentiamo Dopo launched today calls for a renewed cycle of in-depth appointments including more than 25 workshops and labs for middle and high schools. By multidisciplinary educational content, Ci Sentiamo Dopo strives to raise the awareness of the younger generations about the importance of prevention and the impact that hearing and responsible listening have on our health and our sociability.  As in past editions, a panel of experts who represent a true community of “ambassadors of responsible listening” will make the experience even more interactive.  Past participants who have animated Ci Sentiamo Dopo’s program include prominent personalities like Marco Seco, Orchestra Conductor of LaFil-Filarmonica di Milano, Chiara Luzzana, sound designer, Davide Borelli, an engineer and noise researcher at Università di Genova, as well as musicians, healthcare professionals and ENTs.

“Ci Sentiamo Dopo” is the main project of “We Care”, Amplifon’s global Corporate Citizenship program, which encompasses all group initiatives intended to promote social inclusion and in the community.  The goal of the platform is to turn young people into veritable pioneers of a new acoustic ecology, thanks also to the support of the website, which will be expanded in 2021 with new multimedia sections and an interactive archive.

Through the Listen Responsibly APP and its noise tracker, the conversation about hearing care is set to reach out to the broader general public and raise everyone’s awareness about the health benefits of less noise pollution in more sustainable and inclusive cities.  If, as mentioned by the nonprofit Quiet Coalition “noise pollution is the new passive smoke”, through small gestures and changes in our everyday lives we can all contribute to lowering noise levels.  The APP already has a community of more than 3,600 active users and thanks to the ability to share noise measurements, which to date amount to around 5,000, a true interactive crowd-sourced map of the acoustic ecology of our communities is under construction. 

The content of the site and the APP are free to use and  the teachers at the schools participating in the project receive, upon request, in-depth digital kits.  As of today, more than 800 classes and approximately 20,000 students have been involved in the program.

We are proud to present the new edition of Ci Sentiamo Dopo because it embodies our commitment to partner up with the new generation and support WHO’s global campaign «Hearing Care for All»”, stated Luca Marini, Amplifon’s Corporate Communication Associate Director. “Already last year the project proved to be an innovative and multidisciplinary platform open to successful collaboration with third parties.  Engaging with teachers and students it becomes clear that young people are very interested in global trends and committed to make their good part in less noisy and more inclusive communities” Luca Marini added.

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