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Last updated on March 29, 2018 at 11:11 am

With reference to Amplifon S.p.A. Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, convened on April 20th , 2018 in single call, Amplifon informs that the following slates of candidates have been filed for the appointment of the new Board of Statutory Auditors.

  • Slate no. 1, presented by Ampliter S.r.l., owner of 44.94% of Amplifon S.p.A. ordinary shares and 61.83% in voting rights: 

Statutory Auditors:

1. Fano Emilio

2. Brena Maria Stella

3. Levi Giuseppe Alternate 


4. Mezzabotta Claudia

5. Coazzoli Mauro

  • Slate no. 2, presented by certain minority Shareholders, owners of a total of 3.06% of Amplifon S.p.A. ordinary shares: 

Statutory Auditors:

1. Pagani Raffaella Annamaria 

Alternate Auditors:

2. Grange Alessandro

The documentation referring to the above slates is available at the Company’s registered office and on the Company’s website (Governance section).

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