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Every sound is unique

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A spectrum of sound

We give depth, texture and substance to sound in all its forms. The rustles, the crackles, the buzzes – we work to return the sounds of life to people every single day.
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Everywhere in the world, our network of hearing care professionals listens and counsels people to rediscover precious everyday sounds: the laughter of a child, the voices of loved ones, the familiar tones of a full life.


We are unique because we have been improving the hearing experience for over 65 years – always pioneering unique services and protocols and continuously embracing innovative technologies.


We are the global leader in hearing solutions and our business model is unique. It blends solid scientific know-how and innovative technologies with a human touch to deliver a bespoke experience for every customer.

Over more than six decades, we have widened our horizons to all the five continents and are still growing.

Leadership in figures

  • Leader with ~10%

    global market share

  • ~14,000

    (7,500 hearing care professionals)

  • 22


  • 4,300

    direct points of sale

  • 3,800

    shop-in-shops & corners

  • 1,900

    network affiliates

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