Consolidated Non-Financial Statement 2022

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Published on March 16, 2023 at 07:00 am

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In 2022, our Company has proven to be resilient and capable of continuing its sustainable growth path, while dealing with the biggest global challenges.

Letter to stakeholders

Dear Stakeholders,

We are all aware of what an extremely challenging year 2022 was. After the radical changes the worldwide health emergency brought in all our lives only a couple of years ago, we have witnessed an increase in geo-political instability and inflation on a global scale. Nonetheless, our Company has proven to be resilient and capable of continuing its sustainable growth path, while dealing with the biggest global challenges. We continued to pursue our business and sustainability strategy by achieving excellent results, both in relation to the goals of our “Listening Ahead” Sustainability Plan and to the new initiatives that we implemented to continue our journey for being a business increasingly aligned with the needs of our stakeholders. A journey whose importance has been recognized by the positive results which also this year  have been achieved in relation to the main ESG ratings and which are quintessential for best directing our future efforts. Specifically, following our participation in S&P's 2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), we have been included once again as members of the 2023 Sustainability Yearbook published by S&P Global, and we were selected as the only Industry Mover, demonstrating the most significant improvement of our sector compared with last year.

The complications due to the energy crisis and climate change related disasters, encouraged us to become more and more aware of our carbon footprint and to continue discovering increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions. We completed the first analysis of the Group’s indirect CO2 emissions along the value chain, raising awareness in the Group in view of the future definition of our climate strategy. To ensure transparency, for the first time we took part in the CDP Climate Change questionnaire, measuring ourselves against the industry best practices addressing the main environmental challenges. We also continued the roll-out of our new Amplifon brand products eco-sustainable packaging made out of 100% recyclable paper while, thanks to rechargeable hearing devices, we contributed to saving approximately 194 million batteries per year. Finally, more than half of the electricity we purchased comes from renewable sources.

Being aware of the importance our people hold within our business, we adopted our DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) Policy, Document defining our priorities and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at every organizational level. The implementation of this Policy confirms Amplifon considers diversities as strengths and opportunities for continuous enrichment. Moreover, its application will be supported by a new DEIB Global Governance structure which will allow to address the agenda at a global level, identifying common objectives, while leading the different working groups engaged in these issues. We also received the Top Employer 2023 certification, confirming the strength of our HR strategy, both in Europe for the second year in a row - specifically in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and The Netherlands - as well as in the United States and New Zealand for the first time.

In a world where the main ESG challenges are no longer optional but must be an integral part of every business strategy, it is vital to play an active part in generating positive impacts and working in partnership with all the major stakeholders. Through “We Care”, our community impact program, our people continue contributing proactively and creatively to social inclusion projects, also by collaborating with our Foundations. Our “Listen Responsibly” program, present in Italy and Spain and launched in France in 2022, reached about 32,000 students, raising awareness on the importance of listening responsibly. Additionally, this year we decided to define a new Stakeholder Engagement Plan which will allow us to launch a structured, multi-year dialog process with our audience. Through the Plan, we aim to strengthen the collaboration and engagement with our stakeholders for our main ESG priorities. All our activities further confirm our membership to the United Nations Global Compact and commitment to the Ten Principles in terms of human rights, workers’ rights, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption, as well as the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

We are pleased to introduce our 2022 Sustainability Report, containing the accomplishments achieved and the new initiatives implemented in relation to our areas of commitment, aware that it is only thanks to the active involvement of our stakeholders and the passion of our people that we are able to contribute to an increasingly inclusive and sustainable future. 

Susan Carol Holland - Chairperson

 Enrico Vita - Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability plan

In order to take a step further and listen to the future, we have created Listening Ahead, our first Sustainability Plan that will guide us towards achieving future sustainability goals with respect to our four areas of commitment.

Get to know more about the Amplifon Foundation

The Amplifon Foundation is the corporate foundation created by Amplifon in 2020, on occasion of our seventieth anniversary, as a means of giving back value to the community.

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