Consolidated Non-Financial Statement 2021

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Published on March 18, 2022 at 07:00 am

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2021 was yet another important year for Amplifon, in which our excellent business performance were supported by the consolidation of our strategic plan and the launch of new initiatives under the scope of our sustainability strategy. 

Message to the readers

Dear Readers,

The year just ended was yet another important year for Amplifon, in which our excellent business performance were supported by the consolidation of our strategic plan and the launch of new initiatives under the scope of our sustainability strategy. 

Strengthening our leadership globally, offering a unique and unmatchable customer proposition, creating an increasingly talented organization: these are the pillars of our strategy.

In 2021 we further strengthened our leadership thanks to strong organic growth and targeted acquisitions. With over 300 stores purchased in 2021, our distribution network reached more than 9,200 points of sale in 25 Countries, making hearing care even more accessible and facilitating overcoming physical barriers for an even greater number of people. In order to increase understanding and accessibility to hearing care, our awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of hearing well-being have reached over 170 million people, and the free hearing tests offered in our stores allowed our customers to save around 200 million euros.

Our customer proposition was further enhanced by the launch of the Amplifon Product Experience in four new countries which, reaching a penetration rate of almost 90%, continues to promote increasingly innovative hearing solutions. In order to revolutionize the entire audiological experience, we launched Ampli-care, an entire digital ecosystem built around the customer able to offer hyper-personalized solutions and ongoing support by our hearing care professionals, including remotely. We established the Amplifon Chair in Customer Science, together with the Bocconi University of Milan, which will allow us to gain further customer insights through artificial intelligence.

We continued to invest in our people and in our Organization to strive for long-term sustainable growth. Our increasing focus on innovation led to the creation of Amplifon X, our new business unit totally dedicated to the development of highly innovative digital solutions. Ampli-care is in fact the first example of Amplifon X’s work. We dedicated ourselves even more to internal engagement, to the growth and development of our talents, with a vast range of learning and professional development opportunities, and launched the Amplifon Records Graduate Program to attract and develop young professionals with a strong international approach. As confirmation of the effectiveness of our HR strategy, we received the 2022 Top Employer certification for EMEA as well as specifically for Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

Lastly, all the above objectives were achieved whilst supporting the local communities in which we operate, promoting social inclusion through our Foundations, making new generations aware of prevention and hearing well-being, as well as behaving responsibly towards everyone and the environment throughout the entire value chain. 

Nowadays, in the light of socio-economic developments in the context in which we operate, a business strategy should contemplate responding to global challenges also in terms of sustainability. 

Playing an active role in building an increasingly sustainable future means, above all for companies operating on a global scale, collaboration. To generate change that will stand over time, public and private organizations must join forces and play on the same team, sharing a vision and striving for common goals. For this reason, we decided to sign up to the United Nations Global Compact, the largest global strategic pact with over 15,000 companies, committing ourselves to comply with the Ten Principles on human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. We are sure that our support for this initiative, together with the alignment of the goals of our Sustainability Plan “Listening Ahead” to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, will allow us to make a tangible contribution to the major social and environmental challenges of our times. 

We are happy to present, in our Sustainability Report 2021, the goals achieved and the new initiatives introduced in our areas of commitment, aware that it is only thanks to the active involvement of our stakeholders and the passion of our people that we are able to contribute to an increasingly inclusive and sustainable future.

Susan Carol Holland - Chairperson

 Enrico Vita - Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability plan

In order to take a step further and listen to the future, we have created Listening Ahead, our first Sustainability Plan that will guide us towards achieving future sustainability goals with respect to our four areas of commitment.

Check out the key 2021 initiatives and data

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Know more about the Amplifon Foundation

The Amplifon Foundation is the corporate foundation created by Amplifon in 2020, on occasion of our seventieth anniversary, as a means of giving back value to the community.

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