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Skill, innovation and customization allow us to offer our customers an exceptional, exciting and unique experience. Service has to be our top priority.

Attention to service is the first of our areas of commitment. The social mission that we are carrying out requires us to constantly strive to allow every person to rediscover all the emotions of sounds.

We are aware of our pivotal role in the hearing care arena and we are firmly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions by assuring their effectiveness, personalization and safety, as well as delivering an outstanding experience addressing each customers’ needs

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Our customers' satisfaction

We want everyone who uses our solutions to have an extraordinary experience, so we always give our undivided attention to everyone who comes to us. 

That is why we carry out a customer satisfaction survey in the key countries in which we operate, to gauge satisfaction at four milestones along the customer journey: the first touchpoint, the purchase, the follow-up phase and the decision not to buy. 

The assessment is expressed by a judgement on the overall buying experience and the result for 2018 was very positive, with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 65 in more than 85,000 interviews. 

Progress towards the customer

We were delighted to introduce in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Australia and United States the Amplifon Product Experience, consisting of our multichannel ecosystem and the Amplifon product line. It is an integrated system that assists the customer and follows them throughout their journey, creating an ecosystem in which the service and the product are in full synergy.

Product and service innovation, quality and customization

We would not be able to satisfy the demands of our customers as best we can, if we did not constantly invest in innovation. Our model is based on listening, understanding needs, as well as selecting and customizing the most advanced solutions.

Amplifon Product Line

The new Amplifon Product Line: four product families developed in collaboration with four of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, guaranteeing the highest level of technology on the market. 

multichannel ecosystem

The aim is to redefine the Amplifon customer experience throughout the entire journey, whether in store or online. The Amplifon App, the first touchpoint of the ecosystem, allows every customer to access differentiated and high value-added services such as “find the nearest shop” or “book an appointment”, or to change the programs on their device in total freedom. 

The “Companion”, a service developed by Amplifon that uses a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, allows customers to receive personalized tips in real time on how to get the maximum benefit from their hearing aids. In addition, the app allows customers to monitor and control their progress when using their hearing aids, improving hearing and thus quality of life.

Amplifon 360

All this is backed up by the Amplifon 360 protocol, an innovative and personalized in store journey which puts the customer at the center. By means of a range of hearing tests and listening to every individual's needs and lifestyles, it allows the best assessment of customers’ requirements and identifies the most appropriate hearing solution for each single person.

Product and service availability

To be able to truly change people's lives we have to be able to be there at times of greatest need. This involves breaking down barriers, increasing our global and digital presence and ensuring that our stores are real meeting places for people who have the same goal: to rediscover all the emotions of sound.

the role of digital technology

Both people who notice hearing loss, and their family and friends ("influencers") have to be able to have, at all times, all the information they need to make informed choices or to give the right advice. This means we also have to have a digital presence to give clear and easily accessible information about the company, its services and about how hearing works.

In 2018 we launched new more user-friendly and engaging consumer websites in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Customer safety

For us, safety is fundamental, whether it concerns the product or the service we offer. 

safety in Amplifon

We select highly qualified hearing care professionals and invest in their continuous training, to guarantee the safety of each customer at every stage of their experience.

Our Amplifon App, developed in-house, is also part of the service we offer. The Amplifon App is CE-marked and is distributed in European Union countries as a medical device. To obtain this mark, we adapted our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO standard 13485:2016. 

As far as product safety is concerned, manufacturers guarantee that hearing aids are manufactured in compliance with all applicable directives, laws and regulations in the countries where they are sold. They are also responsible for the multitude of tests that hearing aids, as medical devices, undergo to guarantee users’ safety.

If it is necessary to investigate the complete safety of hearing aids or related products in greater detail, we ask suppliers to perform further tests and call on third-party laboratories to assess the safety of products along with other technological or manufacturing issues.

Customer privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection are increasingly in the spotlight. Protecting the data we hold is more than a priority for us: it is an essential condition to earn the trust people place in us every day. Collecting and processing information is not only vital for us to provide our services, but it also enables us to innovate and guarantee the most advanced solutions.

The highest standards

We have a dedicated internal team, the Group Legal and Corporate Affairs, which ensures compliance with regulations and with the most stringent standards in the area of data protection in all countries in which we operate.

Upon the entry into force of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), for example, we conducted a compliance analysis that enabled us to draw up an action plan and to take all the necessary steps to be fully compliant with legislation throughout Europe.

Amplifon APP

The App has been designed according to the principle of privacy by default. In addition, anyone who uses it can withdraw their consent to data processing for marketing and profiling purposes at any time. 

In store

Our hearing care professionals and in-store staff are trained to handle sensitive data correctly. Our Code of Ethics also prohibits any disclosure of data and any use for purposes other than those established in it. 

IT security

IT security is managed at corporate level, and data and transactions are managed by three main data centers that guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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