Our most valuable resources

All of our people, whatever their role, know that they can make a difference and play a direct role in Amplifon's global leadership. The company's commitment to attracting and developing the best resources strengthens our sense of belonging.

We strongly believe that Amplifon's people, regardless of their role within the organization, represent the most important asset for providing high value-added hearing solutions and services. As a result, we strive to attract, train and retain the best talent as well as to guarantee a diverse, inclusive and innovative working environment.

From our sustainability policy

HR strategy

Coordinating the group's rapid growth in recent years and strengthening its leadership through innovation also means paying the utmost attention to the people who make it all possible. We do this by means of three pillars:

High performing organization

Highly effective and competent organization that delivers business results.

All HR processes have been mapped and optimized.

It is planned to release a system in 2019 that will give us greater control over the achievement of individual objectives, as well as over tracking the career paths of our people.

People excellence

Strong talent pipeline to accelerate present and future business performance.

The priority was to integrate the system underpinning all human resource management processes such as recruitment, development, induction and training: the Amplifon Leadership Model.

Winning culture

Unique and distinctive identity to win in the market.

Formalizing the corporate culture is part of this pillar.

In a company like ours, which grows primarily through acquisitions, having a defined corporate culture that can make us “One Company”, is vital for us to be unified and to move towards the same goals in a coordinated manner.


Us at end 2019

direct employees 1
women 1
of which hearing care prof.
1 Not including data for Malta and China.

By region

A: Corporate


C: Americas


By role

A: Support functions

B: Other shop personnel

C: Hearing care professionals

Investing in training and development

In an context in which knowledge needs to be constantly refreshed over the course of a career, the opportunity to access high-quality continuous training helps to attract talent. The aim is to establish the conditions for everyone to be able to realize their potential.

2019 Training hours

for all staff
for hearing care prof.
each hearing care prof.

Compass Programs

We provide programs to develop and strengthen managerial skills, which are designed by us in exclusive collaboration with English training organizations. Blue Compass is for managers worldwide and is intended to teach them how to deal with the uncertainty and complexity of leadership, while Green Compass is for staff in all countries in the early stage of their career.

Attraction strategies

A desire to work in a dynamic international environment and a keen interest in innovation are essential qualities that we look for in the talent we want to attract.

The two key populations we are looking for to continue to excel are: hearing care professionals, who listen to and satisfy our customers’ needs, and professionals and managers in functions such as marketing, IT, HR and finance, who support us in the creation and deployment of long-term growth strategies.

To attract these essential people, we leverage unique and innovative Employer Branding: the perfect combination of offline activities, such as face-to-face meetings with potential candidates at universities, job fairs and in-house mentorship program, and a digital strategy with a global careers website and targeted social media activities.

Rewarding performance

We are aware that recognizing the value of each of our people is essential to motivate them to achieve their targets.


Continuous Feedback

Stock grant





In Amplifon, the pay is performance-related and the remuneration policy is closely aligned to the company's strategy, attractive, simple, clear and designed to motivate people to achieve their targets.

Continuous Feedback

Continuous Feedback

to improve performance

Recognition of the value of each of our people is underpinned by a culture of continuous feedback, which is essential for maintaining a high performing organization. The two-way feedback between staff and managers is regular and constant.

Stock grant

Stock grant

To reward performance

Our Performance Stock Grant plans are awarded not only to top managers, but also to people in support functions and hearing care professionals who show outstanding abilities and results.

In 2018, almost 500 people, including 350 hearing care professionals, benefited from our Performance Stock Grant plans. In 2017 the total number of beneficiaries was 481, of whom 326 were hearing care professionals.



to foster results

We measure the achievement of targets and monitor the development of skills, which are aligned with the strengthening of our leadership, such as customer devotion. 

73% of our employees were involved in this type of review in 2019.

Employee health and safety

Occupational safety cannot be overlooked even in environments like ours, where risks are objectively contained. A proactive approach in identifying such risks, which are primarily linked to office activities or secondary activities, such as maintenance, is a constant priority for us. 

With the aim of preventing accidents, we provide our employees with training on health and safety at work, ranging from a description of the risks in the workplace and of specific safety procedures, awareness of national legislation and the roles and responsibilities defined internally in the organization.

In 2018, 32 injuries were recorded, of which 3 were classified as serious (i.e. causing long-term absence from work). No fatalities were recorded.


Number of serious accidents 1

Total number of accidents

Total hours worked

Rate of serious accidents

Rate of total accidents


Number of serious accidents 1


Total number of accidents


Total hours worked


Rate of serious accidents


Rate of total accidents



Number of serious accidents 1


Total number of accidents


Total hours worked


Rate of serious accidents


Rate of total accidents



Number of serious accidents 1


Total number of accidents


Total hours worked


Rate of serious accidents


Rate of total accidents


1 Causing long-term absence from work

Employees data FY 2019

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