Transparency and fairness

From anti-corruption to paying attention to our environmental impact, we uphold the highest regulatory, ethical and moral standards.

Zero tolerance of corruption

We have a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and, in 2017, the group Anti-Corruption Policy was approved, which is intended to ensure that daily activities are carried out ethically, protecting value creation and those core values on which the company's activities are founded.

To develop the Anti-Corruption Policy we conducted an analysis of the most at-risk activities and defined strict guidelines, taking inspiration from the company's culture and from the code of conduct set out in the Code of Ethics, which promotes the highest standards in business dealings and lays down rules to prevent, identify and manage corruption risks.

Our executives, managers and employees are required to adhere to the policy, as well as our suppliers, consultants and anyone working on our behalf.

Business ethics and fair competition

All our people and those who represent us in various ways are required to uphold the high standards established in our Code of Ethics.

We have an internal control and risk management system, a set of rules, procedures and organizational structures to identify, measure, manage and constantly monitor the main risks.

Lastly, as stipulated in our Code of Ethics, people in direct contact with customers must provide full and accurate information about products and services, as well as any other information necessary to be able to make an informed decision

In addition, we respond to competition by constantly monitoring market developments and guiding its investments primarily towards differentiating the service we offer and making new acquisitions, always maintaining a fair competition approach. 

We are strongly committed to running our activities in accordance with local regulatory frameworks and with the highest ethical and moral standards, thus actively working to prevent any type of unethical business practice.

From our sustainability policy

WE CARE – Our citizenship program

Even the smallest contribution of one individual has a significant impact on the end result. For that reason we designed the We Care program, which leverages responsible consumption and waste reduction.

Food donation


Single-use plastic

Responsible printing

Food donation

Food donation

reducing food waste

To reduce food waste in the canteen of our base in Milan we redistribute leftover food to those who need it more, through partnerships with third sector organizations.



towards Zero Waste

We separate and reduce waste production at our Milan headquarters with a view to moving towards “Zero Waste”.

Single-use plastic

Single-use plastic


We reduce our single-use plastic consumption in our headquarters in Milan with a view to moving towards “single-use plastic-free”.

Responsible printing

Responsible printing

Waste reduction

In Milan we only print essential documents in order to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Constant monitoring of the regulatory framework

We operate in a medical sector, where regulations vary from country to country.

Energy efficiency and waste management

Our energy consumption is linked mainly to heating/air conditioning and lighting of headquarters and direct shops. 

Since 2017 we have striven to perfect how we track this consumption, our direct emissions, i.e. those linked to motor fuel consumption (for the company's car fleet), fuel (used for heating) and refrigerant gas (for air conditioning systems), and indirect emissions, which mainly arise from energy consumption (electricity and heating) and business travel. 

Since 2017 we have been monitoring waste produced at headquarters, to assess potential reduction strategies. 

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