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Education to a rewarding life

Prevention, outreach and raising awareness are our top priorities. We want to change the lives of whole communities, one person at a time.

We have a social role and a 70-year-long tradition of active presence on the communities in which we operate. This carries specific responsibilities, such as changing the perception of hearing care and enabling each person to live their life to the full, while continuing to take an active part in their own world.

Our products and services have a high social impact on community worldwide. We are deeply committed to raising awareness around hearing health, with the ultimate goal of reducing the severe consequences related to hearing impairment and maximizing the positive impact of early intervention.

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Ten vans - the AmpliBuses - travel to fairs, town squares and shopping centers with hearing care professionals who perform free hearing tests and give people advice. In 2018 there were 350 on-the-ground activities in Italy and 460 in Switzerland.

One Day Without Sound

The “One Day Without Sound” campaign, promoted by the Miracle-Ear Foundation, allows participants to experience hearing impairment first-hand by wearing special sound-limiting earplugs.

Widespread awareness

For many years we have been committed to amplifying the messages issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) on World Hearing Day.

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Contributing to community well-being

We are committed in several areas to enabling the most vulnerable communities to access hearing care solutions, sharing knowledge, resources and best practices all over the world. We also contribute to fund-raising and participate in volunteer work with the aim of giving back value to the communities in which we operate.

Miracle-Ear Foundation

In North America, for example, the Miracle-Ear Foundation offers the opportunity to access hearing care to those who can't affor it. In 2018 it supported over 2,000 people donating over 4,000 hearing solutions.

Fundación GAES Solidaria

The Fundación GAES Solidaria, which recently became part of the group, aims to improve people's quality of life, particularly those with hearing loss or suffering social deprivation. In addition, it helps to promote research into hearing disorders and to raise public awareness around the importance of hearing care as a vital part of our well-being.

Other local social initiatives


Since 2002, Amplifon France has partnered with the association Les Enfants Sourds du Cambodge, which takes care of children with hearing problems in Asia. Each year we donate €15,000 to buy audiological equipment and hearing aids for children. The initiative also involves customers, who can donate their old hearing aids. These are reconditioned and sent to almost 2,000 children, who have been able to rediscover the joy of hearing.

Eardrop Foundation

Our Dutch subsidiary Beter Horen contributes to the work of the Eardrop Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides deaf and hearing-impaired African children with the medical care they need.

Beter Horen carries out fund-raising, collects hearing aids donated by customers and sends teams of hearing care professionals to train local staff. 

Free to Ear Samoa

Our New Zealand subsidiaries Bay Audiology and National Hearing Care have joined forces to help the population of Samoa, where there are no qualified hearing care professionals. 

In 2018, in just three days, the team performed 349 free hearing tests and 265 fittings with donated hearing aids. 

HR Volunteers for a day

HR colleagues take part in volunteer initiatives to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. For example, in 2018 the Australian team provided support for the Halloween event of the Deaf Children Australia association, while the German team spent time with deaf children at the Die Arche school in Hamburg. The British team helped the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, carrying out maintenance work on equipment, and the Polish team supported the People4People Club.


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