Promoting scientific knowledge

The Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies is a reference point for the scientific community: it supports professional development of ENT doctors, promotes research and produces scientific publications.

Amplifon CRS

The purpose of the Centre for Research and Studies is to contribute to the development and circulation of scientific knowledge in the audiological field.


Founded by Algernon Charles Holland in 1971 and active in Italy and other European countries, the CRS is an independent, non-profit organization. It works with national and international universities, organizations and scientific institutions, promotes conferences and courses, and encourages sharing of knowledge and best practices. 

The Board and international conferences

Every year, the independent scientific committee of the CRS defines the key topics to be addressed during the national and international courses promoted by Amplifon, which normally deal with specific subjects, with round tables and interactive discussions.

In 2018, the International CRS Conference, held in Bruges (Belgium), was dedicated to binaural hearing, sleep disorders and vertigo.  In 2019 two international courses have been held: Borderline ENT pathologies have been addressed in Berlin, while in Marrakech talks were done around diagnostic updates in Audiovestibology and Phoniatrics.



Every year, in Italy and France, the CRS offers ENT residents scholarships worth 7,000 euros each to fund specific hearing health projects, to be carried out in a foreign institution.

The purpose of the initiative is to promote new ideas in the field of ENT, encouraging the exchange of experiences and best practices between countries.

In order to guarantee impartiality, the scholarships are assigned by a scientific board on the basis of anonymous material.    

Field courses

The CRS supports the professional development of doctors and hearing care professionals by collaborating with universities and sponsoring courses and training programs.

In Italy, in 2019, it sponsored 12 educational events led by renowned experts. The point in common among them was the presentation and discussion of clinical case studies which led to the sharing of the best clinical intervention protocols. 

Courses also took place in other countries. In 2018 we sponsored over 40 training courses in France and more than 150 conferences, events and courses for the medical community in Spain.


The Centre for Research and Studies also produces and publishes scientific papers and publications, also leveraging the contribution of international experts.

In 2018 and 2019, in Italy, two monographies have been published. For 2020 we foresee the publication of the volume 'Tests of speech intelligibility in noise: critical review', which counted on the contribution of both Italian and French authors.

Moreover, with the support of the CRS, Amplifon periodically publishes consensus papers, short, informative scientific studies written for the general public which deal with specific issues relating to hearing health.

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