The Group's new marketing strategy is launched in Italy

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Last updated on April 20, 2015 at 08:00 am

The redefinition of the typical consumer’s profile, the launch of an integrated multimedia advertising campaign and a renewed focus on personal wellbeing: these are the key ingredients used by Amplifon, worldwide leader in the distribution and fitting of personalized hearing solutions, to launch the Group’s new marketing strategy today. Its objective is to reach – leveraging on the strength of the Company’s brand – a greater number of the individuals who experience hearing disorders as a stigma and are still not open to finding adequate solutions.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 650 million people suffer, in fact, from different levels of hearing loss. Only 20% of them decide to see a specialist, while more than half a billion individuals continue to live with the problem without seeking a solution,  representing a potentially enormous market.

The new marketing strategy was developed after having completed an in depth analysis of the relative target and after having redefined the profile of the typical consumer which has radically changed, beginning with lifestyle through the way in which information is gathered, particularly with regard to the new digital media, before making a purchase.

“The purchasing behavior of our potential customers has undergone unprecedented change in the last few years, including the way they psychologically face hearing loss”, Amplifon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Facchini, commented. “The purpose of redefining our market strategy was not only to address these changes, but also to anticipate future changes: we want to ultimately win over, thanks to the far reaching strength of our brand, a good portion of the potential customers found throughout the world by helping them to understand that regaining your hearing allows you to rediscover your independence and improve, therefore, your quality of life”.

The new campaign, which will be launched first in Italy to then be, potentially, extended to include other markets, will hinge on two different TV commercials along with a special project which will be broadcast through all available communication channels (television, online, cinemas and stores). The TV campaign, in particular, will continue to be the key channel used to stimulate potential new customers and generate store traffic. On the other hand, the media mix will be further enriched with a special project, involving a video that tells a very emotionally engaging story of a market survey, which will add value and consideration to the Amplifon brand, enhance the brand’s identification and emotional empathy and increase the impact that the message has on the different targets.

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