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Last updated on March 1, 2015 at 08:00 am

Expert tips to protect your hearing when recreation gets noisy

Tomorrow marks the 2015 International Ear Care Day. Focus is put on teenagers and young adults exposed to “dangerous decibels” in their leisure time: the unsafe use of personal audio devices, but also discotheques, nightclubs and sports venues where deafening sound levels pose a serious threat to hearing.

Turn the volume down on your MP3 player and smartphone so you can hear surrounding sounds, take 15 minute breaks every 90 minutes in discotheques and wear ear protection at very noisy events like sports matches and concerts. These are just some of the tips from Amplifon’s mini-guide “Play It Safe with Your Ears”, produced on the occasion of International Ear Care Day 2015. This year’s initiative promoted by the World Health Organization stresses the link between noisy leisure pastimes popular among young people and the possible risks to hearing. It is no coincidence that one in five teenagers now complains of hearing problems, with a 30% rise in figures in the last 15 years.

The culprit, experts claim, is the widespread use of personal audio devices such as MP3 players and smartphone, but also damaging levels of sound in many discotheques and pubs, in addition to deafening noise during some sporting events. In fact, noisy entertainment puts in jeopardy the hearing ability of over 1 billion teenagers and young adults around the world, signals the WHO. 

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