Amplifon Hearing Experience Partner of Triennale for the exhibition Play!

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Last updated on November 26, 2019 at 03:00 pm

Beginning November 27th, 2019 through February 16th, 2020 the installation OooOoO, an animated skatepark with electronic music, will be opened with a calendar of educational and prevention initiatives, part of Amplifon’s project “Ci Sentiamo Dopo - Listen Responsibly”. 

On November 27th the exhibition Play!, a project conceived and curated by Julia Peyton-Jones with Lorenza Baroncelli, takes off at Triennale Milano, with Amplifon as Hearing Experience Partner. The heart of the exhibition is the installation OooOoO, a real skatepark that will be open and operational through February 16th, animated by the music of Koreless, one of the most influential new generation producers of electronic music. The music and the lights will alternate in a continuous and interactive play, giving life to an immersive multisensory experience that fully engages the audience. Music and play will be accompanied by informational and educational moments relating to responsible listening, promoted by Amplifon, global leader in hearing services and solutions who has been dedicated for years to raising awareness about noise pollution and the importance of healthy hearing.

Participating in Play! gives us a chance to provide young people, schools, families and all visitors with an important message about prevention in an urban space like a skatepark, where play and music mix together to create a truly unique experiential area.Luca Marini, Amplifon Corporate Communication & CSR Associate Director comments – The enhancement of sound and all the emotions that it embodies lies at the heart of Amplifon’s purpose and for years we have been at the forefront of raising the awareness of young people in creative and innovative occasions.  Last year we participated in the music festival Sónar+D in Barcellona and sponsored a creative competition focused on innovative and personalized forms of hearing experiences.  Similarly, with the exhibition Play! we will educate young people about responsible listening in an environment full of music, movement and creativity”.

Information and education about healthy hearing will be an integral part of the Academy that Triennale Milano will organize inside the skatepark as part of Play!. Real classes during which the skate teachers, supported by Amplifon guides and thanks to the app “Ci sentiamo dopo – Listen Responsibly”, will get the participants involved in an interactive experiential session. Using the noise tracker feature of the app, the participants will be able to measure the level of noise pollution inside and outside the exhibit in first person.

Amplifon will also involve middle and high schools in the exhibit Play!.  Over the past few months more than 800 classes and 20,000 students in Italy have taken part in the edutainment project “Ci sentiamo dopo – Listen Responsibly”, launched in June 2019 during the music festival Firenze Rocks, which strives to inform young people about the risks that listening to music incorrectly poses for healthy hearing.

Estimates show that more than 1 billion people between the ages of 12 and 35 risk having hearing problems linked to uncontrolled exposure to noise1. Not to be underestimated, either, is the continuous use of headphones to listen to music on public transportation or on the street at increasingly louder levels in order to drown out the background noise. These are trends that Amplifon has been focusing on for years to increase global awareness. In 2015 the company published the international consensus paper “Coping with Noise”,  which, for the first time, shed light on how excessive noise can increase the probability of some form of hearing loss by around 30%, and can also more than double the occurrence of mood swings, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and headaches.

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