"Listen Responsibly": the new generations become the ambassadors of a new acoustic ecology

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Last updated on September 30, 2019 at 12:00 pm

During the 'CRS and social innovation forum' Amplifon presentes "We care", the new Corporate citizenship program supporting social inclusion and sustainability impact. 

'Listen responsibly - Ci sentiamo dopo' involves students from 800 classes and promotes a culture of responsible listening and healthy hearing through gamification activites and citizen journalism.

The project will result in the creation of an interactive map of Italy's acoustic ecology.

Amplifion Product Experience guarantess increasingly unique, inclusive and personalized service and is designed to increasingly respond to contemporary society's demographic megatrends.

An educational and awareness project to turn young Italians into the ambassadors of a new acoustic ecology. Presented at the CSR and Social Innovation Forum (held October 1st

and 2nd at Bocconi University in Milan), “Listen Responsibly – Ci Sentiamo Dopo” will involve students of more than 800 classes in Italy in order to promote the importance of hearing health and wellness. This is only one of the initiatives promoted by Amplifon as part of “We Care”, the company’s program supporting social inclusion and sustainability initiatives.

The first emotions tied to sound are born at school. A study made by Amplifon highlighted how almost 1 out every 2 Italians remembers distinctly the sound of the school bell ringing when coming back from vacation. Memories, but also risks for hearing: in Italian classrooms noise levels can reach 70 decibels1 and 6.4% of Italian schools are built near sources of noise pollution2. It makes great sense, therefore, to start educating about hearing health in the classroom and it is for this reason that Amplifon developed “Listen Responsibly - Ci Sentiamo Dopo”. Workshops with experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, as well as a gamification kit, will allow students to explore sounds of the past and the future. The educational path also calls for citizen journalism: thanks to an online platform and a dedicated app, the students will be able to record the levels of noise in the environment and create an interactive map of Italy’s soundscapes. The results will be shared with local and national representatives during International Noise Awareness Day (April 29th, 2020).

"Amplifon strongly believes that young people should invest in their future. This also means becoming aware of one of contemporary society’s biggest pitfalls: noise pollution. We have been monitoring this phenomenon for years and now we want to reach out to the citizens of tomorrow. As a company – Luca Marini, Corporate Communication & CSR Associate Director explains – we must provide them with a platform capable of helping them to become the real drivers of social change and ambassadors of a new hearing culture".

The current demographic megatrends have transformed the silver generation which, today, is increasingly more active and digital. It is estimated, for example, that more than 7 out of 10 Italians over 55 go online at least once a day3. In order to provide today’s seniors with continuous and personalized service, the company developed the Amplifon Product Experience which increases the services available and provides hearing aid users with a distinctive and unique experience.

"Today – Chiara Fracassi, Corporate Brand & Customer Experience Director adds – we are facing a generation that is increasingly more demanding, as well as active, and providing solutions capable of meeting the new individual and social needs is of fundamental importance. The seniors’ passion for the new technologies inspired the creation of the Amplifon Product Experience: in this way, those who live with hearing loss can manage their hearing aids directly from their smartphones. The digitalization of our hearing solutions allows us to further expand the range of services we can offer, including in partnership with third parties, in order to provide even more targeted answers,

1 Progetto De.C.I.So - Deaf Children: Improvement of classroom Sound quality; 2014.

2 Ecosistema scuola. XIX rapporto di Legambiente sulla qualità dell'edilizia scolastica, delle strutture e dei servizi

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