Landor partnered with Amplifon to define an ambitious new brand positioning and identity

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Last updated on June 7, 2016 at 08:00 pm

The rebrand aims to change Amplifon’s approach to the hearing-aid category in response to an evolving market where new generations of consumers have very different needs and requirements than prior generations.

Antonio Marazza, managing director of Landor Milan, commented on the rebrand: “Amplifon is definitely one of the most interesting and holistic projects we’ve worked on over the past two years. Amplifon’s corporate marketing team presented us with one key challenge: starting a dialogue with baby boomers, as they represent the next generation of potential customers and are also important influencers of the current customer base. To do this, it was necessary to define a new positioning and brand identity, both based on the emotion tied to sound.” This courageous choice — reflective of Amplifon’s leadership and its innovative and pioneering nature as a company — shifts the brand’s focus from considering hearing loss as a problem to considering the myriad benefits the brand’s products can provide. This positive positioning is reflected consistently across the brand experience and is highlighted by a new tagline, also created by Landor: Hear, feel, live.

Michele Genghi, design director of Landor Milan, noted that “to overcome the problem/solution approach to the category, Landor expanded the boundaries of Amplifon’s brand, bringing the visual identity system into new areas that emotionally engage consumers and activate a wider target audience.” He continued, “From the beginning, the main focus of our exploration was not just about the logo, but also around the identification and articulation of a multichannel brand language characterized by sound and behavioral elements. This enables the brand to create a synesthetic experience combining traditional and digital media into a seamless experience. To do so, we defined a new role for the iconic A in Amplifon—it now acts as a generative element, constantly changing yet always recognizable, that brings the whole identity to life through its presence in all applications. The identity system also consists of an audio logo that introduces Amplifon through the sense of hearing, as is imperative for a brand that wants to give back the emotion of sound to its audiences.”

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