A guide on how to protect the most valuable instrument: hearing

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Last updated on February 6, 2014 at 08:00 am

Hearing recommendations for those who play and those who listen. More than half the adult musicians have impaired hearing and almost 20% of the “mp3 generation” suffers from hearing loss. A Dutch band conducted a “live” experiment involving the use of hearing protection devices for musicians and the general public during an initiative designed to raise awareness about safe listening sponsored by Amplifon. The experts put together a guide on how to protect hearing, “A Short Guide on How to Keep Decibels under Control”.

Maintain the correct distance from the noisiest instruments, get hearing tests done regularly and wear hearing protection devices for musicians. But also, don’t forget when you listen to music to lower the volume of your mp3 player, give yourself a listening break during concerts that last more than 2 hours and don’t get too close to the speakers.

These are a few of the recommendations found in Amplifon’s “A Short Guide on How to Keep Decibels under Control” that highlights the connection between music that is too loud or noisy and the risk of temporary or permanent damage to hearing. Damage of the “most valuable instrument” can, in fact, compromise the ability to both play and listen to music with serious consequences for the quality of life, as well as the individual’s social life. It isn’t a coincidence that – according to a recent audiological study conducted in New Zealand – more than half the adult musicians have impaired hearing and almost one out of every five adolescents suffers from hearing loss, with a rise of 30% in the last fifteen years alone connected to the widespread use of mp3 players and music listening devices. 


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