Amplifon expands the learning and development opportunities offered to its people to accelerate the digital transformation and counts on adding more than 160 talents to its workforce in Italy

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Last updated on June 22, 2021 at 10:26 am
  • Ampli-Academy, a new platform for the continuous and personalized learning experience, has been launched. It provides more than 20,000 e-learning courses, mentorship and coaching activities, as well as international training programs. 
  • The training and development activities, strategic for the continuous growth of the company, will contribute to achieving the goals of the Amplifon’s first sustainability plan. 
  • Amplifon is also looking for more than 160 talents, both newly graduated students and with experience, to become part of Amplifon’s workforce at the global headquarters and as part of the retail-network in Italy. 

Amplifon confirms its commitment to attracting new talents and to the development of its people through new initiatives, beginning with a recruitment campaign which calls for the hiring of around 160 talents, both at the global headquarters and as part of the network in Italy.

In addition to the search for new professionals, Amplifon has also accelerated investments in the development and training of its 17,500 employees and collaborators worldwide, in line with the company’s strategy and the goals outlined in the first sustainability plan Listening Ahead.

The company, in fact, recently presented Ampli-Academy, a new strategic training and development program, to all its people worldwide.  Ampli-Academy comprises a vast catalogue of training initiatives which includes an e-learning platform with more than 20,000 online courses available in a variety of languages for all employees, as well as mentorship and coaching tools and very innovative programs focused on strengthening digital soft skills and strategic expertise.

Each Amplifon employee may access the complete range of training offered online, based on their interests and development goals; the company may also involve individuals in additional initiatives to strengthen specific expertise according to the needs of the business and the employee’s development.

The Ampli-Academy’s main objectives include the development of two different areas of expertise: functional and leadership. The latter is based on four pillars which focus on strengthening skills that will be essential in the future: Awareness, spreading the corporate culture; Digital Empowerment, developing new skills which make it possible to enhance through technology the impact of ingenuity, intuition and personal initiative;  Connect, sharing best practices across all the Group’s countries, divisions and levels of seniority; and lastly Lead, strengthening leadership capabilities and guiding the company’s global transformation. 

” The HR strategy is key to the acceleration of business growth and its sustainability over time and has a significant impact on three closely related areas: the organization, the people and the corporate culture.  In an environment that is as dynamic, global, and influenced by technology as the current one, the HR team needs to know how to act as an agent of change and a facilitator of transformation, working continuously with the business to develop strategic skills and capabilities for the future" Francesca Morichini, Amplifon’s Global Chief HR Officer, stated. “For this reason, the founding principle of Ampli-Academy is “learning to learn”, regardless of seniority or the position held. Through this excellent and highly customizable training program, the skill we want our people to focus on is openness to learning.  In the current environment, the distinguishing factor is the ability to be open to innovation and change, having the tools to understand it and drive it” Morichini concluded.

With a view, precisely, to further investment in identifying and updating both the strategic skills and the training offered, at the end of 2020 a Digital Readiness Assessment was carried out.  It helped to gauge the company’s digital competencies and develop tailor-made training. Based on the survey, where a sample of more than 5,000 employees participated, over half of the respondents had a deep understanding of cyber security issues, and around 30% of digital transformation issues; half of the participants had become experts in remote working methods, while 38% can be described as having a real digital mindset. As a result of this initiative, new areas of training were identified. A path that aims to make each Amplifon employee a real “Digital Citizen”, ready to face the new digital challenges, was created within the Ampli-Academy.

In order to sustain the company’s growth, in addition to focusing on the training of its people, Amplifon invests constantly in the recruitment of talents and over the next few months expects to add more than 160 new resources to its workforce in Italy.  The search underway is focused on different levels of seniority, on local and global roles.  New positions will be opened across all divisions:  from marketing to IT, to support the company’s omnichannel strategy; from data scientists, to enhance the quantitative and analytical approach to projects, through controllers for the Finance division.  Lastly, in order to expand the reach of its distribution network, Amplifon is also looking for more than 60 hearing care professionals to work throughout Italy.  

The recruiting initiatives underway include the Amplifon Records Graduate Program, which consists in a program of 18 months that is being offered to young talents who want to pursue a tailor-made career, with strong international exposure and the possibility to work on cross-functional projects.  The training program calls for a two-week induction at the global headquarters in Milan, six months as part of a corporate division where a concrete Corporate Social Responsibility project will be developed, followed by 12 months abroad in one of the 26 countries in which Amplifon operates.

All the information about the open positions and how to apply can be found on the website:

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