Amplifon certified as a “Most Loved Workplace”

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Last updated on May 23, 2023 at 10:30 am
  • Most Loved Workplaces certify companies where employees are the happiest and most satisfied at work.
  • Amplifon’s global workforce counts more than 19,400 people in 25 countries worldwide, representing almost 100 different nationalities.


Amplifon, world leader in hearing care services and solutions, has become certified as a Most Loved Workplace® backed by the research and analysis of Best Practice Institute (BPI). Most Loved Workplaces® certify companies where employees are the happiest and most satisfied at work.  

"People are our most important asset and the real competitive advantage for a company like Amplifon which is committed to changing its customers’ lives” commented Francesca Morichini, Amplifon's Chief HR Officer. “That’s why we are very proud to see how our employees are satisfied at work and to get third-party recognitions like Most Loved Workplace. This is an important sign of our commitment to our worldwide employees’ development and shows the high level of engagement within the company".

Amplifon became certified as a Most Loved Workplace based on its scores on the Love of Workplace Index™ which surveyed employees on various elements around employee satisfaction and sentiment including the level of respect, collaboration, support, and sense of belonging they feel inside the company. 

Amplifon’s human resources strategy is based on three pillars: organization, people, and culture, which are an accelerator for business growth and long-term sustainability. Today, the Group counts more than 19,400 people in 25 countries worldwide, representing almost 100 different nationalities.

Amplifon’s training programme Ampli-Academy represents a key pillar of its people strategy, which offers continuous, innovative, and personalised development opportunities, with a catalogue of more than 20,000 courses, in the different languages of the company.

Amplifon is committed to ensuring at least 3 average days of training per capita each year and in 2022 its people received more than 400,000 hours of training worldwide.  

Backed by BPI, in its original research that created MLW criteria, Most Loved Workplaces surveyed more than 175 companies and more than 3,000 executives across the United States, the Middle East/Northern Africa, and Southeast Asia. They found that productivity rises as employee sentiment increases, with 94 percent of responders saying they did three to four times more work for a company they loved and 95 percent saying they stayed at companies they loved three to four times longer. Most Loved Workplaces certification is the most valid method to determine employee experience and recognize a great workplace.

"I started Most Loved Workplaces out of inspiration from my community of people who consciously place love for their employees at the center of their business model," said Louis Carter, the founder, and CEO of BPI and a social/organizational psychologist, thought leader, entrepreneur, and author. Carter's book, "In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace," identifies the specific areas needed to become a highly respected, reputable organization where people love to work with each other – a Most Loved Workplace.

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