Sales and profitability rise in the first nine months of 2015

Financial results
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Last updated on October 21, 2015 at 08:00 am

Today the Board of Directors approved the interim financial report as at 30 September 2015: the positive growth trend in sales recorded in the first half of the year is confirmed again in the third quarter with significant improvement – net of non-recurring items – in all the profitability indicators.
All the geographic areas in which the group operates contributed to the results: decided growth was posted in both EMEA, also thanks to the acceleration in marketing investments, and in Asia-Pacific, as well as Americas which was further boosted by a strong exchange effect.
The group’s international expansion program continued in the first nine months with the addition of 175 new points of sale and service centers to the group’s network overall. mMarket shares gained in all the main countries.
Enrico Vita appointed as the group’s new chief executive officer, while Franco Moscetti will act as non-executive deputy chairman    

The main results:

  • Consolidated REVENUE as at September 30th, 2015 rose 17.7% at current exchange rates and 12.2% at constant exchange rates to Euro 733.7 million; the growth trend was also confirmed in the third quarter despite the brilliant performances posted in the comparison period.
  • The Group’s EBITDA rose +24.4% in the first nine months of the year to Euro 103.5 million. Net of the non-recurring items, EBITDA reached Euro 108.3 million, an increase of 30.1% in absolute terms and of 1.4 points as a percentage of sales against the prior year.
  • NET PROFIT reached Euro 25.3 million: net of the non-recurring expenses and income recorded in the nine months and the one-off tax income reported in the prior year, an increase of 89.6% was posted.
  • NET FINANCIAL DEBT amounted to Euro 252.5 million, a decided improvement against the Euro 289.5 million reported at September 30th, 2014, after the Euro 42.3 million investment in acquisitions made in the last 12 months. Debt is slightly higher than the Euro 248.4 million recorded at December 31st, 2014 due to acquisitions, period seasonality and the payment of dividends.
  • FREE CASH FLOW was positive for Euro 38.4 million, an improvement of Euro 12.7 million, net of the non-recurring items, against the prior year.

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