Amplifon completes the acquisition of the remaining shares in Dilworth Hearing Limited

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Last updated on March 18, 2015 at 08:00 am

Today Amplifon, the worldwide leader in the distribution and fitting of personalized hearing solutions, announced the acquisition of the remaining shares in Dilworth Hearing Limited, one of the main New Zealand based audiology service providers. Dilworth Hearing Limited manages six clinics in Auckland and Hamilton.

The Amplifon New Zealand subsidiary, which has long been a shareholder in Dilworth Hearing Limited with a stake of 40%, will acquire the remaining shares from Entrust Hearing Limited, the holding company chaired by a group of New Zealand based Ear Nose and Throat Specialists.

The amount of the transaction is not significant.

“The operation announced today represents the natural evolution of long standing partnership”, commented Franco Moscetti, CEO of the Amplifon Group. “Our Group is well positioned to guarantee further business growth, while maintaining its focus of serving the needs of the medical community”.

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