Business ethics

Honesty, integrity and fairness

Bearing in mind the pivotal role we play in the hearing care sector, our way of doing business can only be characterized by the highest ethical principles, standards of integrity and values, structured within a coherent model. 

We are committed to promoting a corporate culture based on honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, as well as, naturally, complying with laws in force in each country or context in which we operate.

Our Code of Ethics formalizes the values, principles and rules of conduct that are the basis of our day-to-day activities. 

The Code of Ethics establishes, in particular, principles in relation to policy on business conduct, human resources, clarity and completeness of accounting records and relations with external stakeholders. It prohibits practices of corruption, unlawful favors, collusion and personal advantages, either directly or through third parties. 

We strive to ensure that the principles of the Code are shared by agents, consultants, suppliers and any other party with whom we have ongoing business relationships, and we do not establish or continue business relations with anyone who refuses to adhere to the principles of the Code. All our subsidiaries and affiliate stores must comply with the Code of Ethics, as well as any commercial partners in each country. 

Our code of ethics

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Starting from day one,
We are committed to spreading awareness of the Code of Ethics among our people

The Code of Ethics constitutes the fundamental basis of our Organizational and Management Model.

Our Anti-corruption Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. For this reason, our Board of Directors approved the Group's Anti-corruption Policy in 2017, which contains provisions and guidelines inspired by our culture and the principles set out in our Code of Ethics. 

These guidelines, developed on the basis of an analysis of the activities most at risk, promote the highest standards in all commercial relations and provide specific rules to prevent, identify and manage the risks of corruption. The recipients of the Policy are the group's directors, managers and employees, but also our suppliers and consultants and anyone acting on our behalf.

In setting out the Policy, we have involved some managers from the group and from the subsidiaries throughout the three geographic areas in which we operate. The Group Risk & Compliance function, which coordinated the drafting of the Policy with the support of a qualified consultancy firm, is responsible for its dissemination and compliance through activities of communication, training and auditing. 

the Whistleblowing system

In line with the implementation of the Anti-corruption Policy in the countries where the group operates, a system of whistleblowing has recently been introduced to allow for the reporting of any deviant conduct or in any case any conduct not compliant with the Anti-corruption Policy, our Code of Ethics, laws and regulations, with the guarantee of confidentiality,. 

We encourage any person who may become aware of any non-compliant conduct to report it: this, in fact, allows us to tackle any problem at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of considerable potential damage to the business and to our reputation. 

In Italy, the whistleblowing system is explicitly mentioned in our Organizational & Management Model and is in compliance with regulations, which require not only the availability of reporting tools, but also the guarantee that every report is handled in the strictest confidentiality, that the identity of the whistleblower is protected and that a non-retaliation policy is applied towards anyone making a report in good faith. 

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