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The community


As the industry leader, we aim at transforming the general perception of hearing care, leading a real cultural change. We strive to spread accurate information on hearing health and hearing loss prevention to the general public and to disseminate the advances and innovations in the fields of audiology and otology.

Supporting community wellbeing

Amplifon’s Miracle-Ear Foundation provides hearing aids, follow-up and educational resources to those who do not have enough financial resources to meet their hearing health needs.

  • 1,400 Children and adults supported
  • 2,700 Hearing solutions donated
  • +28% Recycled hearing aids vs. 2015
  • 150,000 Hearing protection kits distributed

Enhacing research

Thanks to the activities of the Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies (CRS), we promote clinical research, disseminate information on the advances and innovation in the fields of audiology and otology, and strive to increase hearing health awareness.


Each year, the CRS independent scientific board defines the topics to be addressed, and the agendas of the conferences Amplifon promotes, which usually target a specific hearing-related issue and include roundtables and discussions on the hot topics for ENTs. In 2016, the CRS International Congress was dedicated to the effects of noise on people’s health.

Course sponsorship

The CRS also supports the professional development of doctors and audiologists by collaborating with universities, through the sponsorship of courses and ENT learning programs at the local level. In Italy, the CRS offered ten courses in 2016, which were delivered by experienced national and international experts. 

Consensus Paper

The consensus papers are short scientific papers that are written for the general public and address specific hearing-related topics such as hearing loss in the elderly and in children, cognition, diabetes, and the effect of noise. They represent a key initiative in our quest for increased public awareness.