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Our people


Amplifon is committed to remaining the employer of choice in the industry and believes that it is only through a strong investment in talent engagement and recognition, continuous professional development and people support that its people can achieve their full potential and build a successful career.

Amplifon is a company made of people who provide highly value-added hearing solutions and services to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. In 2017, 13,755 people worked on behalf of the Company worldwide, which is an 9.6% increase on 2016.


Attracting valuable people

Amplifon is committed to attracting people who believe in innovation and excellence, and who are excited by the idea of working in a dynamic international environment. To this end, we have developed a Global Career Website available in 6 different languages and 16 Local Career Websites in order to communicate the attractiveness of our industry and Company, and the professional growth opportunities and vacancies within the organization.

  • 1 Global Careers Website
  • 16 Local Careers Websites
  • 300,000 visits on the Global Careers Website
  • 36% of people onboarded from digital channels

Fostering excellence


Amplifon dedicates considerable time and resources to employee-focused programs and provides a wide range of learning and development opportunities to help employees realize their full potential. To this end, Amplifon provided in 2017 more than 440,000 training hours to the whole workforce.


In 2016, Amplifon launched the first edition of its Amplifon Global Onboarding program (aGO), designed to help the most promising new hires build a solid career foundation based on global strategic awareness and cross-functional collaboration.

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For hearing care professionals

Amplifon ensures its network of hearing care professionals is best in class by employing passionate and talented people and always training them in cutting-edge tools and protocols.


In 2017, hearing care professionals received around 317,000 training hours in total (or 42 hours per hearing care professional). A very important part of the training provided to hearing care professionals is the Amplifon 360 protocol. In 2015, the Company launched a structured training program extended to all hearing care professionals and field people in the EMEA region. The program is aimed at supporting them in the implementation of the new customer experience model and proprietary protocol. The ambition is to funnel and upgrade the expertise of Amplifon personnel. In 2017, 1,201 hearing care professionals completed their training on Amplifon 360.


For talents

Amplifon is always keen to recognize those employees who show abilities and growth potential in key countries or international positions, and is willing to invest in their professional development. Of the 110 people identified as high-potential talents in the past two years, 40 were promoted and 12 obtained two-year-long international assignments.



The T-Lab is a periodic, structured and formal process to identify the people with the capabilities and potential to cover key positions at national and international level. They are provided with greater visibility, international and accelerated career opportunities, assignment to global projects, development programs at top-ranked business schools, mentoring, and specific incentive and retention plans.


Compass programs

The Green and Blue Compass Programs are international programs aimed at boosting talents’ leadership, managerial and self-development skills as well as encouraging international networking and knowledge exchange. The Compass programs are delivered in partnership with Ashridge Executive Education Hult and offered across all areas and levels within the Company.  







Amplifon knows reward and recognition are key to attracting and retaining the best talent and is strongly committed to valuing the outstanding efforts and achievements of its workforce and driving a culture of continuous feedback. We also believe in pay for performance and in recognizing premium contribution in delivering both results and customer care. That is why our reward policy is:


  • closely focused and aligned to the Company’s strategy;
  • attractive, both globally and in local markets;
  • simple and comprehensible;
  • designed to motivate people to achieve their objectives, which must be challenging but fair and clearly communicated.


Performance development

Amplifon reviews performance using transparent criteria to measure the core competencies needed to succeed in the hearing care retail arena: customer focus, team skills, operational excellence, leadership traits and orientation to value creation.


Performance stock grant

Every year Amplifon distributes shares not only to its top managers, but also to its talents and best-performing audiologist all over the world, as we truly believe in sharing value with the people who make its creation possible. In 2017, a total of 481 people benefited from our Performance Stock Grant Plan.


High achievers club

Amplifon also uses performance monitoring to identify high achievers, who are invited to join a “High Achievers” club held at country level. Members receive benefits, as well as networking opportunities and access to special events.


Charles Holland Award

Every year, Amplifon’s 4,000+ stores are rigorously assessed and the best 50 stores across the Company worldwide are rewarded with the Charles Holland Award, the Company’s highest recognition for store excellence.