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Increased voting rights


The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Amplifon S.p.A., chaired by Susan Carol Holland on January 29th, 2015, approved the proposed amendments to the corporate by-laws by including in a new Article 13 (resulting in the renumbering of the subsequent articles), which defines the methods to be used to assign increased voting rights, in accordance with the recently introduced option provided in Art. 127-quinquies of T.U.F..

Increased voting is being established with a view to pursue stability and loyalty of the shareholder base, and is comprised under the changes introduced to Corporate Law in Article 20 of Law 91 dated June 24th, 2014 (the “Competitiveness Decree”). 

The shareholders who decide to exercise the option, once the management body has determined that the prerequisites have been satisfied, will acquire increased voting rights equal to two votes for each share held for at least 24 months from the registration date shown in the appropriate shareholders register prepared by the Company in accordance with current law and regulations. 

The shareholders who wish to be registered in the List must not submit the request directly to Amplifon, but shall make use of the financial intermediary that is holding the securities account with the Amplifon shares.


Relevant shareholders registered in the list for increased voting rights

  Shares % of share capital (*) % of share capital (**) % of share capital (**) excl. treasury shares

Registration date

AMPLITER S.r.l. 101,715,003  49.61% 44.94% 46.10% 02/04/2015


(*) The percentage is referred to share capital as resulting at notification date


(**) The percentage is referred to share capital as resulting on December 20th, 2018