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Shareholders' Meetings


To ensure that Shareholders' Meetings take place correctly, Shareholders must follow the Meeting Regulations approved by the Shareholders' Meeting itself on April 24th, 2007.



In ordinary sessions: 

  • approves the annual financial 
  • appoints and removes members of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditors 
  • approves their remuneration 
  • resolve on other matters falling under its prerogative as provided for by law.


In extraordinary sessions:

  • amends the Company’s articles of incorporation and association 
  • resolves on other matters falling under its prerogative as provided for by law.


Increased voting rights

The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on January 29th, 2015 approved the proposed amendments to the corporate by-laws by including in a new Article 13 to define the methods to be used to assign increased voting rights, in accordance with the recently introduced option provided in Art. 127-quinquies of T.U.F..

Shareholders Meeting at

Reports & attachments
[0.02Mb] Summary of the votes cast relative to the items included on the agenda
[0.04Mb] Q&A shareholder Investimenti Sud Italia
[3Mb] List no.1 - List of candidates filed by the company Ampliter S.r.l.
[5.84Mb] List no.2 - List of candidates filed by some minority Shareholders
[4.61Mb] Annual Report 2017
[4.42Mb] Non-Financial Disclosure 2017
[0.32Mb] 2017 Yearly Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure
[0.95Mb] Remuneration Statement 2018
[0.2Mb] Directors’ Report on the proposed agenda
[0.12Mb] Annex A – Directors’ Report on item 4 – “Informed recommendation by Amplifon’s Board of Statutory Auditors for the appointment of the Indipendent Auditors”
[3.45Mb] Annex B – Directors’ Report on item 4 – “KPMG S.p.A. offers”
Meeting minutes
[0.39Mb] Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting held on 20 April 2018