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Responsible business


Amplifon believes that operating in a responsible way is key to maintaining its strong brand reputation, the trust of its customers, engagement of its employees, and enthusiasm and recognition of the medical community. That is why we created a corporate business ethics culture that goes beyond mere compliance to respect the highest ethical standards and laws.

Product and service safety

Amplifon continuously dialogues with lawmakers, health agencies, professional scientific societies and industry associations worldwide to guarantee and further improve customer safety and quality hearing care, sharing with them information that only a global distribution network such as Amplifon can have. Manufacturers guarantee products are manufactured in compliance with all applicable directives, laws and regulations, while Amplifon only employs highly qualified hearing care professionals and strongly invests in their training to ensure customers’ safety during the fitting process.


Customer privacy and data protection

Protecting customers’ personal information is essential for maintaining trust, particularly as people grow increasingly concerned about their privacy and security. Amplifon’s policies and programs, such as its organizational model, are designed to ensure privacy and security of customer information across the Company. Amplifon is equipped, both at Corporate and store network level, with a series of tools and specific policies and procedures to ensure the safety of customer data and privacy.


Risk management system

Amplifon pays the utmost attention to the identification, assessment and management of risks, designing and implementing internal control and risk management systems in line with best practice, and channeling resources into maintaining an acceptable risk threshold. Risk management is an ongoing activity conducted by our top management, country General Managers and local management teams. In addition, Amplifon will be launching a global “Anti-Corruption Program” in 2017 that will provide guidelines to be mandatorily followed to prevent corruption.


Competitive behavior and responsible marketing

Responsible and reliable communication with customers is another key facet of Amplifon’s business ethics. Its Code of Ethics dictates that all employees directly in contact with customers must provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding products and services, and are required to disclose the facts contained in advertising and other sorts of campaigns, so that customers are able to make informed decisions.


Regulatory framework

Amplifon operates in the healthcare sector, where regulations differ from country to country and from one area of the sector to another. The key areas that are relevant to Amplifon are:

  • hearing aids – they are considered medical devices in all the markets where Amplifon operates and must comply with several different national and international regulations;
  • professionals entitled to select, fit and sell hearing solutions – the qualification required from the professional figures entitled to select, fit and sell hearing solutions also change from country to country;
  • reimbursement conditions - they differ according to the national health systems of the countries where Amplifon operates ranging from national health systems offering hearing aids free of charge to everyone (as in the UK) to others offering partial to full reimbursement to people who present a certain level of hearing loss (the case of France and Italy), until the absence of reimbursement (USA except for the Veterans Association).


Green consciousness

Despite being a service company rather than an industrial one, Amplifon is alert to environmental issues and the challenges posed by climate change. So far, energy and water consumption, waste production and GHG emissions from business travels and from electricity and gas for heating have been monitored in Italy, Australia and New Zealand.