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Stakeholder engagement

Amplifon assigns paramount importance to stakeholder engagement, which is considered a powerful source of mutual learning and shared solutions. We actively promote dialogue through a broad range of channels according to each group of stakeholders.
  • Workforce

    Engagement channels: training activities, multi-functional meetings, internal communication (intranet), performance management and reward processes, engagement survey, Charles Holland Award. 


  • Customers

    Engagement channels: customer satisfaction survey, focus groups and individual interviews. 


  • Local & scientific community

    Engagement channels: prevention and awareness initiatives (e.g. Free to Ear Samoa Project, Hearing World, Amplicœur, One Day Without Sound), scientific conferences and courses. 


  • Financial community

    Engagement channels: Annual General Meeting, results conference calls, roadshows and industry conferences (one-on-one and group meetings with institutional investors), analysts’ and investors’ company visits, Capital Markets Day, corporate website management. 


  • Regulatory authorities

    Engagement channels: dialogue with institutions and participation in working groups, periodic consultation and joint projects. 

  • Suppliers

    Engagement channels: one-on-one meetings, site visits, industry conferences.


  • Media/influencers

    Engagement channels: press releases, conference calls, interviews, interactions on social media.