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Product & Service Stewardship


We are aware of our pivotal role in the hearing care arena and we are firmly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions by assuring their effectiveness, personalization and safety, as well as delivering an outstanding experience addressing each customers’ needs.

Product and service innovation, quality and customization


With a view to continuously improving our services and starting from an in-depth analysis of the customer journey carried out in four Countries with thousands of customers and hearing care professionals in 2017, we were able to better understand our customers’ needs and we identified the strengths and opportunities of each moment of the journey, be they physical or virtual. This gave rise to the Amplifon Product Experience, a compelling technological innovation program aimed at driving change in the retail hearing care market. The two pillars of this program are the new Amplifon product line and the Amplifon multichannel ecosystem, both successfully launched in Italy in May 2018 and to be launched in all key Countries during 2019-21.

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Our way of caring

Commitment to our customers

Product and service availability

We invest in expanding our distribution network, that allows us to be always close to people with hearing loss, making it easier for everyone, including people with reduced mobility, to reach out to quality hearing care. Moreover, Amplifon consumer websites allow customers and prospects to easily access to services such as the store locator, online booking of in-store appointments and online hearing tests. Also the Amplifon APP offers, in addition to these, a series of high value-added services – such as the exclusive “Companion” – that enable customers to optimize the potential of their hearing solution and improve their experience. 

Customer safety

Manufacturers guarantee products are manufactured in compliance with all applicable directives, laws and regulations pertaining to the Countries where sales occur. With regard to the service offered, in order to avoid risks to customers’ safety that may occur in the fitting phase, we employ highly qualified hearing aid professionals and strongly invest in their training. Also the internally-developed Amplifon APP has been awarded with the CE mark and consequently is distributed within EU Countries as medical device. To obtain such recognition, we adapted our Quality Management System to satisfy the requirements of ISO 13485:2016.

Customer privacy and data protection

We have equipped ourselves, both at Corporate and store level, with a series of management tools aimed at applying national regulation requirements regarding personal data protection in all Countries of operation. With the EU Regulation 2017/679 entering into force, we run an analysis of compliance with both the EU Regulation and the local regulatory requirements on privacy, defined a remediation plan and implemented all the necessary technical-organizational measures. With regard to the APP, consent for the processing of data for marketing and profiling purposes is in compliance with such Regulation.