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Skill and vision through experience

Day after day, we build on a heritage of real skill, with a 65-year-long history of dedicated care. That skill is constantly enriched by our daily experiences, and that’s why we continue to be the global leader in the hearing care industry.


Our network of hearing care professionals are constantly trained and honed to deliver the most advanced services and protocols. Through innovation we aim to challenge the meaning of excellence in our industry.

We strive to satisfy the hearing needs of each and every person who enters our stores. And we fundamentally believe that understanding each of them fully – from their lifestyles to their hearing profiles – is the only way to do just that.

Innovating in every way


 Cutting-edge methods

We challenge ourselves to pioneer new approaches and to continuously expand our audiological and technical skills. These exclusive testing protocols help us to fully understand the needs of individuals’ busy, active and sometimes noisy lives.

 Unique experience

In the journey towards rediscovering sounds, it’s so important that our customers know they’re with a hearing care professional who cares about their individual needs. That’s why we’re constantly improving how we interact, communicate and counsel people, using the newest technologies, bespoke tools and unique approaches


 Ongoing research

Although a lot has been done to date, there is still much to understand about hearing. That’s why our Center for Research and Studies, in partnership with universities and the scientific community, strives to promote clinical research and disseminate information on advances in the fields of audiology and otology.

 360° Digital

Leading in the digital arena means more than offering technically excellent solutions. It means anticipating and influencing digital trends in the way we live, work and interact through technology. It means continually investing in evolving the experience we offer to the people who enter our stores, bringing our physical expertise into the virtual space.


 Best practice

Constantly searching for best practice means we reinterpret our role every single day. Also by continually honing and innovating our expertise through dedicated programs throughout the globe. Our approach is the only way we can continue to be the natural choice for those who want to rediscover the joy of hearing