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Our customers


Customers relation is the very foundation of our daily activity, that is why we are committed to listen to them and understand their needs, in order to provide innovative and customized services and the best solutions.

Our way of caring

Commitment to our customers

Amplifon 360 experience

We strongly believe in the importance of guiding customers throughout their journey to rediscover all the emotions of sound, from the hearing assessment to the follow-up phase. Thanks to great investments in innovative services, user-friendly technologies and customer-oriented research, we developed Amplifon 360, a protocol that entails a strong customer involvement in the hearing assessment and care.

Customer satisfaction

To better understand customer expectations, and thus deliver an even more satisfying level of service, we developed a unique environment to collect and manage customer feedback. In this context, a structured customer satisfaction survey has been created to standardize results among all the countries so that they are accurate and comparable.

Digital dialogue

Our multichannel approach is aimed not only at strengthening relationships but also at providing accurate information. We are present on several digital channels (web, social media and mobile), investing significant effort and resources into social networking, as a means of being closer to our customers and providing information on hearing health. We constantly monitor social media sentiment striving to fulfill all online requests.

A renewed customer journey


In 2017, we carried out a deep analysis of the customer journey with the aim of better understanding our customers and identifying strengths and threats related to each physical and virtual touchpoint. Detailed customer journeys and personas will provide the basis for work on forthcoming digital innovations. The ultimate goal is to use the available customer data to customize each and every point of contact with customers, therefore creating a fully personalized experience in both the physical and virtual worlds.